Massive Solar Storm To Hit Earth: Details About The Impact

    In the beginning after Big Bang, the universe was very hot and filled with radiation. Then the universe cools down and first Hydrogen atoms (seeds of everything including us) are created. Over time for millions of years, the universe keeps cooling down and was filled with hydrogen clouds and was totally dark because there were no stars. Then gravity goes on work slowly. Hydrogen atoms start sticking together, which over time grow into larger objects, and then at certain points, these clouds stall collapsing and the first stars were born. Early stars were huge (50–60 times larger than the sun) so they lived short and exploded in a supernova. Initially stars consist of the only hydrogen but because of huge pressure in the core of the star, fusion started that combined hydrogen atoms into helium and in that process, energy and light are released.

    Once a star consumed all of its hydrogen supply, fusion starts making heavier and heavier atoms until stars start making iron. Iron cannot be further combined to make it heavier and that stops the fusion. So everything that we see around us was created in the core of the star. We are literally stardust. Every atom in our body was created inside a star that died. There is various phenomenon happen in the universe of which humans are not aware of. One such natural phenomenon is a solar storm or solar flare. Our home planet is already going through a lot of chaos owing to the coronavirus. Now, we will be going to witness a solar storm this weekend. Although the solar storm will not cause any harm to the biological life of our planet. But it can cause damage to electronic devices and communication systems.

    Solar Storm 2021

    Weather forecasters have been alerted and asserted to make people aware of the consequences of the storm. So, let us get to know about it in detail. The earth formed from gravity when the solar system was young and new, there was a huge disc of dust and rocks around the sun (birth of the sun initiated from the stardust, which is referred to as globular cluster and nebula). Eventually, gravity took hold and some of the dust and rocks attracted one another growing in size and mass so growing in gravity caused more rocks and dust to collect so on and so on until you got the earth this is basically how most planets form. Solar flares are fairly common in stars, solar flares hit earth most commonly and these flares do not any kind of damage. To knock out communications satellites would take a massive one.

    There is precedent for this though, as about 150 years, there was a massive solar flare that bombarded earth with magnetic radiation and knocked out Telegraph lines all over the world and particularly in the US. It was the first recorded incident of a solar flare hitting the Earth – causing massive effects including global auroras (so bright the birds thought it was daylight), inducing voltages in power lines causing arcs that were starting fires. Another solar storm in 1989 caused a massive power blackout in Quebec that also caused auroras in Florida and Cuba; several satellites tumbled out of control for several hours. But everything came back to normalcy and the communication system started again. Solar storms are quite common. Lack of knowledge and information causes severe damage.

    Solar Storm On Sun

    A solar flare can only cause disturbance in the electronic and communication system because these storms are nothing but electronic magnetic waves traveling in a particular direction. The concurrent solar storm will hardly cause any damage to the electronic devices because it is not devastating like the past storms which hit the earth. Something like that happened today chaos would ensue. Ignoring the physical effects on a human when bombarded with massive amounts of excess radiation, the power grid would fail, it would fry electronics, no more satellites, and the modern world would crumble in a matter of hours. It has been estimated that if a Carrington event were to happen now, the damage would be in the trillions of dollars and would take years (some say decades) to recover.

    If electronics are not shielded a direct hit to earth can overload transformers, fry electronics, disable satellites, and shut down large sections of the power grid. With today’s infrastructure relying so heavily on technology it would be a very crippling blow. Luckily the solar storm which is on its way to earth is not really devastating like the one which came 150 years ago. It will hardly cause any damage to the communication system or electronic devices. The solar storm is coming at a speed of approximately 1.6 million kilometres. It has been predicted that the flares of the sun will most likely hit from the 12th of June and it will last till the weekend. Earth is the product of many actions and reactions taking place in the system. Even a slight change during the process or reaction could have resulted in the nonexistence of Earth.

    Solar Storm Impact

    The solar storm which is heading towards earth at a tremendous speed of millions of kilometres is coming from the sun. The solar flare is caused by a hole in the sun. The solar storm will most probably hit earth on Monday or Tuesday. Scientists have deduced that the solar flare will create disturbance in the electronic magnetic field of the earth and people will witness beautiful aurora. The upcoming flare will not cause any kind of severe damage to the magnetic field of the earth as well as the communication system. So, we will most like to witness beautiful aurora because of the upcoming solar storms and nothing else. A ‘solar storm’ is usually a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) from the sun. The sun occasionally has a solar flare – a huge explosion under its surface, that can propel millions of tons of ions into space.

    Ions are particles with charges; the sun is so hot that electrons have been stripped away from atoms – creating a seething mass of ions. Occasionally, that blast will shoot them at Earth. A CME blasted at Earth will travel at about a million miles per hour or so; that gives us 3 1/2 to 4 days to prepare. When it hits, it causes Earth’s magnetic field to flex and bend. When a magnetic field is moving, it creates currents in electrical and electronic circuits – and, that can damage or destroy small electronics up to miles-long power grids on the surface of our planet, as well as the micro-circuitry of satellites and space probes. Space weather tracking is an important part of our early warning system, in case of the Sun blasts out another series of Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) and flares. We now have several satellites that do nothing but monitor the Sun.

    Solar Storm Radiation

    The nature of the interior of stars, the fusion reactions, the intense magnetic fields, all combine in far-reaching effects such as storms, flares, and coronal mass ejections. Because of our proximity to the Sun, we are aware of its idiosyncrasies, but other stars exhibit similar (or worse) behaviours. For example, the M-class red dwarf known as Proxima Centauri unleashes flares much more often than the Sun, and for its size and mass are larger relatively than those unleashed by the Sun. With the more compact “habitable zone” and the resulting closer proximity of any planet to the star’s “surface”, any life on that planet would be seriously tested repeatedly, and may not even thrive because of it. The earth’s rotation also helps to create the magnetism that we know as the electromagnetic Shield.

    This electromagnetic Shield actually prevents solar radiation and solar winds from vaporizing our planet’s surface. And this part is where life would most definitely cease to even develop. The cosmic rays of solar radiation would have cooked our planet from the very beginning due to no electromagnetic Shield. So now let us say for sake of argument that the earth stopped spinning. Much of our planet would be affected, from the tides to the atmosphere to the very volcanic activity. Earth’s magnetic field plays a key role in the protection of biological life on it. The Milky Way is believed to have started becoming a distinct structure when the universe was some 4 billion years old. At that time most if not all Population III stars (the primeval ones) had already vanished, most of the universe consisted of Population II stars, and the first Population I stars (such as the Sun) were just beginning to form.

    Solar Storm Reaching Earth

    Things were pretty chaotic, very energetic, with novae and supernovae stars exploding relatively frequently spreading their gas and elements dust around. Big clouds of gas and dust would swirl and eventually coalesce to form new stars. Our Sun formed when the universe was some 9 billion years old, so its stuff came from many previous stars which had inhabited what today is the Milky Way. That Life as We Know it existed without the spin of the Earth. To begin with, you probably would not have very much wind. The Earth’s rotation affects the very atmosphere we have so the atmosphere would be different. The rotation of the earth also works in part with the moons and the sun’s gravitational forces to control the tides so you would not have as much of a high and low tide if any at all. Under these conditions, yes life could exist.

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