Melania Trump Started Packing to Leave the White House and Return Home

    Washington: No matter what the outcome of the vote, no matter how much the world knows, outgoing US President Donald Trump is not to be outdone. He also claimed two days ago that they are the ones who are coming to power again.

    donald trump and first leady

    No matter what my husband says, at least Melania Trump doesn’t think so. The US media is reporting that America’s ‘First Lady’ wants to return home this time! Melania has been preparing to leave the White House since the election results became clear.

    In public, she may be supporting her husband’s words, but inside, the process of returning to their home in Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida, has begun. It is rumored that Melania will also open a new office there. That’s why he started sending many of his personal belongings there.

    Melania is also planning to move her 14-year-old baron from Maryland to a school in Florida. The First Lady is deciding which items will go to Trump’s penthouse in New York and which will be taken to the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

    Melania Trump

    The First Lady appointed a man named Marcia Lee Kelly to her East Wing office at the White House last April. Marcia has previously worked in the White House administration office. Sources said Melania had sought through Marcia whether government money and staff would be allocated to her after she left the White House. However, there was no news for Melania to make up her mind.

    There is no provision in the United States for a First Lady, despite the allocation of funds, security and personnel for the outgoing president. Only after the death of her husband do ex-first ladies receive a retirement allowance of USD 20,000 per year.

    Not only that, Melania is now more focused on her life after the White House. He is thinking of writing a book. However, it is not an autobiography. Most of the former First Ladies have worked in it. For example, Michelle Obama wrote an autobiography called Bicomiyan. Laura Bush, wife of former President George W. Bush, also wrote “Spoken from the Heart” in her later life at the White House.

    Both books became popular. However, Melania did not want to write an autobiography. He wants to write a book full of pictures so that his time in the White House will come up. The book is a testament to the way he has redesigned the White House.

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