Microsoft To Buy Bethesda Gaming Company For $7.5B

    In a proposed $7.5 billion agreement to purchase ZeniMax Media, the parent organization of the world-renowned video gaming developer Bethesda Softworks, Microsoft revealed Monday, in one of the biggest deals ever in the video game business. Upon completion of the acquisition, Microsoft will completely own the assets of Bethesda, which includes complete files of different popular gaming titles like Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Wolfenstein, Quake, Starfield, and DOOM. The Xbox Game Pass, a premium cloud play service that has over 15 million users as of now might include these titles too in the future.

    The Bethesda agreement is scheduled to be completed in mid-2021. This contract is 3 times as much as $2.5 billion in 2014 paid by Microsoft for Minecraft’s Mojang. Microsoft is now all set to do the most expensive acquisition deal in computer games ever by buying the Bethesda. This announcement has arrived a day before the new Xbox X and Xbox Series S controllers are played are getting launched. Sony, the competitor of Microsoft began taking PlayStation 5 preorders earlier this month.

    Microsoft To Buy Bethesda Gaming Company For $7.5BMicrosoft To Buy Bethesda Gaming Company For $7.5B

    Sony is stronger than Microsoft, which predicts the consoles of PlayStation to surpass the total sales of Xbox by two-to-one in at least the first three years. According to the predictions,  since the agreement will not be signed until next year, it would not have drastic consequences for Microsoft. However, the agreement tends to make gamers more appealing to Xbox’s online gaming site.

    All of the social networking sites were flooded by gamers with their reaction on the news. Many were thrilled about the new Game Pass titles, and others were worried that the acquisition would lead to upcoming games from Bethesda only for X Box and PC. Bethesda develops multi-platform titles right now and that is why the PC and other console gamers are a little worried.  Though, Bethesda will keep their promise by releasing two of their games – Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo for the PlayStation 5, until they will actually become Xbox exclusive only.

    What To Expect From Microsoft & Bethesda Deal?

    The upcoming game Starfield will be available on Xbox, PC, and Microsoft’s Game Pass service. Representatives from Microsoft and Bethesda did not immediately respond to statements on the arrangement that includes publication houses and production centers, employing more than 2,300 people. It is too soon to state what Microsoft will do to ensure that potential Bethesda projects are exclusive to its platforms. However, it will be easier for Microsoft to distribute the games on various platforms.

    Microsoft Bethesda Deal

    It will definitely create a buzz among the gamers if Microsoft starts selling game copies for $60 for other gaming platforms while delivering the same game for about $10 monthly Xbox Game Pass users. Microsoft has also recently engaged in a common attempt to acquire TikTok, but it has lost to an Oracle and Walmart bid. The timeline here is remarkable; one of the main console suppliers, “Microsoft” has made a huge deal a day before the new Xbox is about to put on sale. This means that PS5 isn’t going to help gamers in playing the latest Elder Scrolls game. It is surely a hard choice for gamers now about which console they should buy now.

    Microsoft has definitely proved itself to be successful with recent PC launches.. Its ultimate corporate approach may still shift, particularly if the Xbox X Series becomes a hit. If that happens, then Microsoft can easily trick any studio to sell themselves to it and make gamers buy their games at a cheaper rate.

    According to Microsoft, it currently has about 15 million Game Pass subscribers around the world. The estimated total annual subscription income from which is more than $1 billion per customer as we are calculating about $10 per subscriber average by keeping $15 Premium Ultimate subscription and both $1 and $5 limited-time signups in account. Further to that, Microsoft expects all console income from purchases of Series X / S consoles, plus the complete game revenues from PC, along with the full game sales for their consoles, Microsoft is definitely in a good Xbox business.

    Xbox Game Pass Subscription May Have More Game Titles

    Xbox Series S,X vs Playstation 5

    Microsoft games are clearly coming to the PC soon. Even Steam will include games from Microsoft from today. Also, the Game Pass service of Microsoft is now on PC, too. There is nothing to stress about for us in this context, and this can actually be a reason to cheer since games from Bethesda might be available in the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

    But what’s important is that Microsoft isn’t all-in on just one path. Putting a new Bethesda game on Game Pass doesn’t mean a consumer can’t buy a disc copy at Best Buy or presumably purchase it on the PlayStation Store well into the future. Microsoft has its bases covered, and it’s investing in xCloud in the event new business models crop up in the future. If all goes according to Microsoft’s plan, consumers won’t be talking so much about which company has the better exclusive lineup or which brand “won” the next-gen race. Instead, chances are you may own both consoles and maybe even a PC. Microsoft may not really care — so long as you keep giving it $10 a month for Game Pass. It will be definitely worth watching what Microsoft is planning to with Bethesda and Central Viral will keep you posted about the same.

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