Microsoft Confirms Xbox Series S | Price, Release Date & More

The next-generation console plans for Microsoft released on Monday evening in an event. Several sources and a telling video snapshot have provided an explanation for the company’s leaky ambitions for releasing, ‘Xbox Series X’ alongside the cheaper, smaller ‘Xbox Series S’ edition by the end of 2020. It was verified by Microsoft moments after it went live that Xbox Series S did exist. This latest console will debut at a $299 price range, Microsoft has branded it as the “smallest Xbox ever.”

Longtime researcher for the Microsoft monitoring, Brad Sams shared a snapshot of the latest Xbox S series model, which displays white color and approximately half the size of the Xbox X Series, at a cost of $299. At the point, Sams did not clarify where his picture comes from, but he regularly mentioned the presence of Series S alongside the Series X  when it was under production with the name Lockhart.

xbox series s

If previous studies fail, Series S will launch with many of the same technological changes as Series X — innovations such as the “Velocity Architecture” for quicker game launching or futuristic visual effects such as ray tracing. However, the S range will deliver such “next-gen” advantages with a lower processing capacity, which would minimize the cost of the console either for smaller pixel resolutions, including 1080p or for lower frame rates. In contrast with the X-Series 12 TF-speed strength and 4K resolution expectations, Sams and other reporters predicted the peak renditions for the S-series of around 4 teraflops. Microsoft has yet to provide information about its capability beyond a general definition of the next-gene console.

Soon after Sams’s story came to life with the announcement that the Xbox Series X would debut at $499.  Many tech giants has posted articles regarding it, which cites ‘sources,’ reported that on November 10, the consoles would launch, but it did not explain in which regions. (The announcement of the Series X consoles was previously confirmed by Microsoft too).

The Monday statements were accompanied by Series S photos of the leaked clip of the video from the Series S, posted by ” h0x0d ” user from Twitter. This video of 4 seconds contains a smart illustration of two new consoles, preceded by the Series S slipping to a translucent version of the Series X frame, which shows the similarity in size. A narrator explains at that point “how small it is.”

Something that the video narrator does not say in this short clip is that a disk drive on the front side or other visible sides seems to be missing from Series S. It remains unknown, even after the verification from Microsoft about Series S, whether or not a disk drive could be on any other sides, but that would be a huge Xbox design start, which for years has placed disk drives on the same sides as their console power Buttons. It would therefore be likely to skip the disk drive to reduce the cost to $299 — and to highlight more digital download subscriptions such as Xbox Game Pass.

The video rather displays a top set of openings that are identical to Xbox One X’s dot pattern and a dotted, all-black circle display on one side – possibly to allow further venting. Besides the big circle case, Xbox One X is no surprise in nature, as Microsoft scrapped Xbox One X consoles later this year – which led us to conclude that Xbox Series S could be put in the category of Xbox.

Multiple sources say Series S will be released with a subscription alternative of $25 a month for “Xbox All Access” and Series X will be sold for $35/month for the same. Though, any information regarding these subscriptions such as Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Switch has not been made. Also, the possible launch date on November 10 and a $499 price for Xbox Series X has not been answered by Microsoft till now. We are waiting for more statements from Microsoft regarding these two X Box series and will keep you all updated with the same.

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