MIUI 13 Unveiled With Many New Features: List Of Supported Devices

    Although MIUI isn’t a great UI, we would still buy Xiaomi phones in India as they offer almost if not the best specs for your bucks and more importantly has way better custom ROM support than any other brand right now in the budget to mid-range segment(things might change in future). It’s not what a casual user would look for. Back in 2015 MIUI was so freaking smooth and user-friendly even on 7-9k devices. Xiaomi is plagued by success now. Just cleaner MIUI will crash the competition. It’s the first piece of software that gave us an actual wow feeling. iOS is boring, we don’t like Samsung’s old software, nor Samsung’s One UI (though it is an improvement over the old software). Stock android is too boring too but it is regarded as the fastest and most supportive version of android which comes with minimum bloat wares.

    But MIUI just gives us a lot of bugs in the user interface. Yeah, it has some bugs here and there but for a lot of users, it’s worth it. We believe Xiaomi’s strategy from now on should be to price their phones slightly higher and in return gives us a clean UI experience. That way they can make more profit per device, and offer their users a hassle-free experience. MIUI 13 has been introduced by Xiaomi after a long wait. The User interface of the Xiaomi smartphones has been unveiled in China in an event. Xiaomi also introduced its Xiaomi 12 series smartphone at the same event. The new MIUI 13 is being referred to as an enhanced version of MIUI 12.5 and it will fix all the bugs of the previous version.

    MIUI 13 Release Date and Supported Devices

    It has been reported that the new UI will deliver improved performance along with added features in the Xiaomi smartphones. The New MIUI 13 is coming with new system fonts and it is referred to as MiSans. While some of the other added features in the MIUI 13 are fraud protection, new widgets as well a privacy watermark. The company has also stated that the new MIUI 13 skin will be available to download for compatible Xiaomi, Redmi as well as POCO devices in January 2022. So let us get to know about some of the specialties and modifications made in the MIUI13 in detail. MIUI 11&12 had many options that iOS got inspiration from, like the privacy settings. MIUI had those privacy notifications which Apple straight up copied.

    The same modification has been followed in MIUI 13. They should include alarm controls below the volume panel, on pressing the volume button. We must be able to toggle and set the alarm here itself. Also, they can make a minimalistic media player show up below the volume panel when you’re playing something. This should become a new standard in Android. China’s MIUI 13 features don’t mention during the global launch event for global ROM. Such as new notification sound, new privacy protection (protect clipboard, approximate location, file sandbox), MIUI+, redesign notes app, new volume slider, and haptic feedback. Only the notes app is added to the official Xiaomi website. MIUI keeps adding these useful privacy settings that help safeguard our privacy from the apps we would install.

    MIUI 13 New Features

    You would never want to uninstall the themes app. Although you can customize the home screen with a custom launcher, you can’t customize things like the lock screen, notification shade, or the more subtle things like the close all apps button and clear all notifications button. Note that only some themes allow you to customize all the things that we have mentioned just now, not all of them. You can customize it by rooting, but your warranty decreases, and rooting is also way riskier than just using the nice themes app. Compared to the MIUI 12.5, MIUI 13 is much smoother and more stable than the MIUI 12.5, but you see, “fixing bugs” and “added fluidity and stability” are hardly upgrades, right? Isn’t that the basis for a good phone OS? And for those Mi Smart Devices connectivity, we’ve already seen on Huawei Harmony OS or Apple, not something new.

    If it’s called MIUI 12.8 or 12.9 then everybody would be happy with it, just don’t call MIUI13. The MIUI 12.5 is perfect without bugs, and we guess fixing those bugs and increasing continuous smoothness is MIUI 13’s main mission. We guess MIUI13 did that, from what all Chinese media said in the event. We’ve had enough of crazy specs sheets, and we are just glad Xiaomi finally found the practicality and basic experience more important. The widget is still present on the 12.5 CN version, which was released in August of this year, but we loved it. There aren’t many features, but there are some system improvements, and a global version of the 13 is confirmed on the road map, with India devices included.

    MIUI 13 Supported Devices

    Anyways, great video for today, people favorite feature is the MIUI, and to get the new widget, you must download the app vault China version. The widget still exists on the 12.5 cn version which is back in august of this year but we do love it but anyway not many features but some improved system optimization and global version of the 13 are confirmed on the road plan including India device is in the list. Lastly to get a new widget you need to download the app vault china version to get the new widget similar to the china version. While the new feature of security was about those camera scans over your upper body as well when you’re using your face unlock, therefore MIUI13 minimized the scanning area just for the size of the head and other than that are covered.

    On the other hand, the MIUI 13 china beta user interface and people experience is kind of good till now. The overall OS has become pretty much smooth compared to the 12.5 enhanced edition. The new OS has reduced people’s clock speed but yeah the battery efficiency has improved. Overall people getting a better experience. It’s something between One UI 4 & iOS and it’s cool. We hope that the new update will solve RAM multitasking management & stable function. MIUI users don’t want any extra features, Just want a bug-free experience. People used to call it an AdUI previously. As MI fans, we would not feel good about it because people’s phones had no ads. The introduction of MIUI 13 now Home screen and the whole OS looks congested with so many features.

    MIUI 13 Design and Look

    MIUI 13 is copy-paste from iOS, but those are nice features, so people are not mad and they want the developers to fix the bugs. It’s a step to compete against harmony OS of Huawei,  with a bit sprinkle of ala iOS 15. Hopefully, they add an option for people to custom pack icons or themes that are natively available in all MIUI versions. The Chinese version is the most stable. 52% Apps and 25% system performance is optimized in MIUI 13 and more privacy features that’s all about MIUI 13. No new animations no new icons no major revamped no new features same as MIUI 11. Although, the new UI has been introduced in China and it will be available for some of the specific Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO smartphones by the end of January. But the company hasn’t said anything about its availability in India. At first, the beta version of the MIUI 13 will be made available for the users.

    MIUI 13 update eligible devices – First batch (China)

    • Xiaomi 12 Pro
    • Xiaomi 12
    • Xiaomi 12X
    • Mi 11 Ultra
    • Mi 11 Pro
    • Mi 11

    MIUI 13 update eligible devices – First batch (International markets)

    • Mi 11 Ultra
    • Mi 11
    • Mi 11i
    • Mi 11X Pro
    • Mi 11X
    • Redmi 10
    • Redmi 10 Prime
    • Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE
    • Xiaomi 11 Lite NE 5G
    • Redmi Note 8 (2021)
    • Xiaomi 11T Pro
    • Xiaomi 11T
    • Redmi Note 10 Pro
    • Redmi Note 10 Pro Max
    • Redmi Note 10
    • Mi 11 Lite 5G
    • Mi 11 Lite
    • Redmi Note 10 JE

    The MIUI 13 Pad stable update will reach Xiaomi Pad 5 and 5 Pro by late January 2022.

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