PM Modi Donates Rupees 103 Crore to The Country’s Public Welfare Project

    Even before that, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Donates Many of the gifts he had received to various public welfare projects in the country. He was the first to donate Rs 2.25 lakh to the PMCares fund which is set up to deal with the Corona pandemic.

    This time the information of his charity was made public. He has so far donated rupees 103 crores from his savings and gift auction to the development of the country’s public welfare projects. That is the news from the sources.

    Not only as of the Prime Minister, but he had also donated when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Shortly after his tenure as Gujarat Chief Minister, he donated Rs 21 lakh for the education of the daughters of government employees in the state.

    Modi also donated his gifts about rupees 90 crores to Kanya Kelabani Fund. In other words, he also came forward for the daughters of government employees of his state.

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    After becoming the Prime Minister, he has continued that trend. The Prime Minister donated Rs 21 lakh to the fund that set up for the welfare of cleaners at the 2019 Aquarius Fair.

    Not only this, but he also donated the 13 million rupees he received for the Soul Peace Prize in South Korea to the Ganga Cleanup Mission. Besides, about 34 million rupees were obtained by auctioning gifts from different places. He also donated that money for river reform.

    However, the central government has recently been targeted by the opposition over the PM Cares Fund. Despite the PM Relief Fund why a new fund like PM Cares was formed again, opponents are raising questions about it.

    In this situation, the government has also informed that the CAG cannot audit this fund. Although Congress leader P Chidambaram recently demanded that the names of those who paid to PM care fund, made them public.

    Opponents also allege that in such a turbulent situation, attempts are being made to cover up the matter by bringing the Prime Minister’s donation book.

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