Monkey Pox : Monkey Pox in India? Girls in isolation with symptoms, waiting for the report

    Did Monkey Pox invade India too? In Gaziabad, samples of 5-year-old girl suspected of monkey pox have been collected. Incidentally, samples were collected and sent for testing due to multiple symptoms like monkey pox. The girl has been kept in isolation due to precautionary measures against Monkey Pox suspects.


    Meanwhile, the Ghaziabad district health officer said that there was no record of the girl going abroad and no contact with anyone from abroad. The Union Ministry of Health has appealed not to panic in this situation. Besides, a request has been made to remain vigilant till the report is received.

    Monkey Pox is raising concerns in the world of Covid panic. The virus has already been found in several countries in Europe and America. Signs of the disease have been found in England, Spain and Portugal. Although no cases of the disease have been reported in India so far, the alert center. Surveillance has already been ordered in the airport and port areas. But what is this disease? Doctors say it is a special type of smallpox.

    Meanwhile, experts have long believed that the virus can be transmitted to humans through the airways, wounds, noses, mouths, and so on. But doctors have recently tested more than one person infected with the monkey virus, which doctors believe could spread the virus through sexual contact. The monkey virus can spread not only through clothing or droplets, but also through sexual relations, experts say.

    What are the symptoms of Monkey Pox?

    • Spring buds on the body
    • Water blisters
    • Irritation
    • With fever
    • Trembling
    • Headache
    • Back and body pain

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