Motorola Tech3 TriX 3-In-1 Earphones Launched In India

    Motorola Tech3 TriX 3 in 1 earphone has launched in India. These earphones are said to be available on Flipkart big billion days. The best part of this earphone is that you can even use it as earbuds. The earphones consist of wires also, and besides that, you can even use it as wireless. This fantastic headphone by Motorola offers you all the facilities and that too in just one earphone. You can feel free to use it as you want whenever you feel like having something different.

    There are even other key features also that give the earphone a great one. Those features are that you get to have Bluetooth connectivity and also the battery of the earphones keeps charged up to 18 hours. If we concentrate on the color of the earphones, then we can see that it is black and that is what gives it a funky look all over. As said these earphones have the facility of three features which is that you can use them as wired earphones, wireless earphones, or even as earbuds.

    Motorola Tech3 TriX Launched

    This feature of the earphones makes it all the more classy and people love to use that. Don’t you love having all of the three systems in one product? Well, who would not like it? Getting all the features into one single product is all the more beautiful as you do not need to waste your money on the three different products. Motorola has bought for all its customers some exciting product which has been already launched in India. These earphones do also support Alexa, Google Assistance, and other voice Assistance which are generally needed the most.

    The wireless mode has got a loop that allows the earbuds to be attached to itself when you place it as your neckband and not in use. Motorola provides you with an extra cable in the box which helps you to use it as a wired earphone so that you do not lose the charge of the earphones. These Motorola earphones also have got some integrated features that are finding out a lost earbud and to detect. The Motorola Tech Trix automatically gets turned on when the earphone is in your ear and gets turned off when you release the earphones from your ear.

    Motorola Tech3 TriX Earphones

    The Motorola earphones have also been rated IPX5 for having water-resistant. Unlike other earphones, this earphone also has got a button that can be even said to be multifunctioning as with this button you get to control everything like answering calls, ending calls, adjusting the volumes, and controlling playback of the media even. As these earphones have got some funky look with a really sophisticated design; hence that makes the earphone look all the more interesting and the liking to avail it grows more and more for the customers.

    What makes this earphone the most wanted by each one is its look and the truly best features. The features that Motorola has given us has not been given by any other company until now. As soon as this item is given in the Flipkart Big Billion sale by Motorola Licensee Binatone, it will be loved by many other people as well.

    The three in one feature that it possesses is the most attractive feature that this product from Motorola has got. It totally depends on you when you want to have the wired feature, or when you would like to have the wireless features, or when you would like to have the earbud feature. Anyhow, all these features come in one single product only, and hence you do not need to go and search for them differently.

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