MS Dhoni’s Blue Tick Removed From Twitter: Know Why

    Former India skipper and everyone’s favorite captain MS Dhoni’s blue tick was removed from his official Twitter account, creating a major buzz online. Netizens are speculating the possibilities why this atrocious deed has been done to their idol, but nobody knows the real reason behind this. Twitter has not revealed the reason why they removed the blue tick badge from Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s account, the most probable reason is that it could be done because the former Indian cricket team captain has not been active on the platform. The closest reason which the Twitterverse predicted behind MS Dhoni’s Twitter account’s blue tick loss was his consistent inactivity on the social media platform for over six months. According to the set of rules and regulations made by Twitter, a blue tick can be taken away if the user has not posted anything for the past six months.

    So any inactivity of over six months will mean that you run the risk of losing the blue tick. The blue tick also emphasizes the fact that it is an official page and it is generally present on celebrities, eminent personalities, and sportspersons official accounts, not fan pages.  This rash move by Twitter wasn’t handled by Twitter users gently as they strolled the platform with uproars and support for Mahi. Dhoni last tweeted on January 8, 2021. ANI tried to contact Twitter to ascertain the reason behind the removal but to no avail. The blue tick signifies that the social media account on Twitter is authentic and official. To have a blue badge, Twitter’s rules say that the person’s account must be authentic, notable, as well as active.

    MS Dhoni Twitter Blue Tick

    Dhoni retired from international cricket on August 15, 2020, and now only plays cricket for the Indian Premier League (IPL) and will be back in action when the UAE leg of IPL resumes in September. His last international match was the 2019 World Cup where Team India lost the semifinals to New Zealand. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has announced the schedule for the remainder of IPL as it had to be postponed because of the prevailing pandemic at that time. A total of 31 matches will be played in 27 days. It will commence with Dhoni’s CSK fighting against Mumbai Indians on September 19 to resume IPL 2021. The final game will be a steaming hot rivalry of Royal Challengers Bangalore against Delhi Capitals on October 8.

    After then, the 1st Qualifier will be played in Dubai on October 10 following which, the Eliminator & Qualifier 2 will be played in Sharjah on October 11 and 13 respectively with Dubai hosting the final of IPL 2021 on October 15 this year. Although microblogging platform Twitter restored the blue tick badge on the account of former Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni shortly after removing it. Twitter had removed the verified badge from Dhoni’s profile as he hadn’t used it since January this year. The blue tick signifies that the social media account on Twitter is authentic and official. Apart from being active on the platform, users need to verify their identity, be part of a prominent organization or brand or be famous, have a follower count in the top 0.5 percent of active accounts in their geographical location, and have to fulfill many such rules.

    Twitter Blue Tick MS Dhoni

    Yeah, it’s tough to bag that blue tick isn’t it? The legendary wicketkeeper-batsman has 8.2 million followers on Twitter as of today. He will be back on the pitch winning hearts and possibly the trophy again for Chennai Super Kings in the second half of IPL 2021 in the UAE. The team’s CEO Kasi Vishwanathan has told Insidesport that the franchise is looking to reach UAE by the end of this month. In the same interview, Kasi also said that the team is looking forward to leaving for UAE by August 13 or 14. “The date of the departure has not been finalized yet but we are planning to send the team by 13th or 14th of August. CSK resolution is flying to Dubai and will start our training from there,” InsideSport covered this interview exclusively. Chennai Super Kings is at the second position according to the points table at the moment winning five out of their first seven matches.

    MS Dhoni & Co will look to capitalize on the good start in the remaining season. Meanwhile, a Twitter spokesperson came out to talk to ANI about the blue tick badge removal in Dhoni’s account. He said to the channel, “The verified badge of MS Dhoni’s Twitter account has been restored. The referenced account has been inactive since February 2021. Twitter may automatically remove the blue verified badge and verified status if the account becomes inactive.” Hours after the chaos arisen from removing Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s blue tick badge, he got back the blue tick on his Twitter account by the social networking giant on Friday. Only accounts verified by Twitter get blue ticks on their profile pages accounts to get blue ticks on their profile pages which is why it came as a shock to everyone on social media after it was not there on Dhoni’s account on Friday.

    MS Dhoni Blue Tick Twitter

    But the blue tick has now been restored, so Mahi fans can be rest assured. The former India captain has 8.2 million followers on Twitter, over 26 million on Facebook, and 34.5 million on Instagram. But unlike other loved cricketers and celebs, Dhoni doesn’t like to post much on social media and maybe that is why Twitter took the blue tick verification away from his account. But it was a lame move as eventually Twitter had to restore it after all the social media furor that followed. BCCI’s media manager Moulin Parekh confirmed that Silicon Valley giants have restored the blue tick, which implies that MS Dhoni’s account stays verified; but the reason behind this move still remains suspicious. The interesting thing is that this is not the first such indiscretion made by Twitter.

    Some weeks ago, the social media giant made the same mistake of suspending India’s Cabinet Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad’s verified account on the back of a tussle with the Govt of India. Although Dhoni remains quite active on Instagram, his dry spell on Twitter maybe because he was among many Indian cricketers who were abused online or trolled on Twitter not a while ago. But this does not do well for the fans who just can’t get enough of Mahi. Though Dhoni seemed unaffected in all the controversy regarding his Twitter verification blue tick, a lot of fans have taken it quite seriously that their idol Mahi no longer had an official Twitter ID.

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