Dangerously Rising Numbers , Namibia to Auction 170 Wild Elephants

    Severe drought in the country. Wild elephant herds are entering the locality due to lack of food. In this situation, Namibia has decided to auction 170 wild elephants. Because the number of elephants in the country is increasing rapidly, the conflict with people is increasing in tandem.

    Wild Elephants

    The South African country’s environment ministry said. An advertisement has also been published in a state government newspaper. It has been said that elephants are now endangered due to poaching and environmental reasons, so try to save them in this way.

    Elephants will be sold to individuals or organizations in Namibia or abroad who meet all the conditions given to them. The condition is that the corona should have a quarantine facility for the elephants and a game-proof fence certificate for the land on which the elephants will be kept.

    And if he is interested in buying a foreign elephant, he has to prove that his country’s administration has no objection to importing that elephant. Like several countries in Africa, Namibia is trying to save very important animals like elephants and rhinos. They are coming to the locality due to various reasons like deforestation, deforestation, drought, food scarcity and changing environment, resulting in clashes.

    The number of elephants in Namibia was 7,500 in 1995, rising to 24,000 in 2019. They also get international funding to save the elephants. Although Namibia said last year, they want to distance themselves from international rules to protect endangered animals.

    They have no objection to hunting endangered animals or exporting them abroad, claiming that the money raised will result in the maintenance of those animals.

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