Narendra Modi’s Twitter Account and Personal Website were Hacked on Thursday Morning


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Twitter account and the personal website were hacked. After the Twitter handle was hacked on Thursday morning, there were several tweets from there.

In all those tweets, requests were made to donate money to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund through cryptocurrency.

Twitter authorities have admitted to the hack. They also said that necessary steps have been taken to secure the account.

“We are aware of this incident,” Twitter said in a statement. All steps have been taken to keep the account secure.

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An investigation has also been launched into the incident. However, we are not sure if it has affected any other accounts. ” However, the Prime Minister’s Office has not yet commented on the hack.

The name of the Twitter handle associated with Narendra Modi’s personal website is ‘Narendra Modi -in’. The Twitter handle, which opened in 2011, has more than 2.5 million followers. After being hacked around 3 am on Thursday, the hackers tweeted several times from there.

The application was made to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund through cryptocurrency. One of the tweets said, “I am appealing to the Prime Minister to donate money to the National Relief Fund for Covid-19.

Cryptocurrency has now been introduced in India. Another tweet said, “John Wick hacked this account. We did not hack Paytm Mall. “

The ‘Narendramodi_in’ Twitter handle was later recovered from the hackers and the tweets were removed. But screenshots of that tweet have spread on various social media platforms.

In July this year, the Twitter handles of several influential people around the world were hacked. That list included US presidential candidate Joe Biden, former US President Barack Obama, and millionaire Elon Musk.


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