NASA Has Awarded Nokia $ 14.1 Million For Deploying 4G Cell Networks To The Moon

NASA has awarded Nokia $ 14.1 million for deploying 4G cell networks to the moon.

The grant is part of a $ 370 million contract signed under the auspices of the U.S. Space Agency, which aims to promote space exploration and development.

“The system will support lunar telecommunications at a greater distance, speed up and be more reliable than current standards,” NASA said in a press conference.

According to the Associated Press, Jim Bridenstein, the director of the NASA, said live from the scene that if the NASA wants to achieve the astronauts’ goal of working at the lunar base by 2028, they must develop new techniques for living and working on the moon. .

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“We need a long-lasting power system on the moon, and we need the ability to live on Earth,” Bridenstine said.

Nokia’s research tool, Bell Lab, provided more details on the topic of Twitter. The company plans to support the network’s wireless drives and navigation, as well as video streaming.

“Working with our partners at @Int_Machines, these breakthrough data transmission programs include controlling the lunar drive, timely navigation of the lunar geography, and the release of high-definition video,” Bell said. tweet.

This is not the first time Nokia has launched an LTE network on the moon. In 2018, it partnered with German aerospace company PTScientists and Vodafone UK to launch an LTE network at Apollo 17’s landing site, but the mission never fell apart. –IANS

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