On Tuesday, (NASA) Warned That Asteroid 2020 RK2 Would Collide With Earth’s Orbit On Oct. 7

On Tuesday, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) warned that smaller planets larger than the Boeing 747 would collide with Earth’s orbit on Oct. 7. , A group close to Earth’s orbit known for the phenomenon.

The small planet is now in one direction, with a width of about 80 meters and a speed of 6.68 kilometres per second, with a diameter of 36 meters to 81 meters and a width of 118-256 inches.

The NASA estimates that the spacecraft could be larger than the wingspan of eight Boeing 747s, 68.5 meters wide. Is Asteroid 2020 RK2 dangerous? NASA has warned the public not to worry and that it is “impossible” to cause real damage.

The spacecraft is 3,823,238 km from Earth and passes through a peaceful path, but it is closer to Earth and enters orbit. However, even though it is close to Earth orbit, astronomers may not be able to see it from Earth.

The rock will pass through our home planet Earth around 6.12 PM EST (US) or UK Summer Time. According to reports, the cosmic rocket will no longer visit our orbit until August 2027, after it has passed Earth safely. The small planet, officially called the 2020 SX3, is also heading towards Earth.

The small planets range in size from 38 to 86 meters and are about the size of a three-story bus, according to the NASA.

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