NCB Has “Almost” Given A Clean Chit To Actors Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan And Shraddha Kapoor

According to the reporters, NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau), actors Deepika Padukone, Sarah Ali Khan and Shrada Kapoor and Deepika’s manager Karishma Prakash have given almost a clean chit, all of whom were recently interrogated by the NCB on drug charges.

Padukone and Prakash reportedly told NCB officials on Saturday in WhatsApp talks in 2017 that they had used the words maal, weed, hash and doob as “funny” as the code name for various cigarettes. In this interrogation they said that, referred to low quality cigarettes as maal, slim and better quality ones as hash and weed, and thick ones as doob.

An NCB official reportedly said, ‘We were satisfied as both corroborated the codes.’

But till now there have no official news or official statement about the clean chit of all four people.

The NCB asked the two about their 2017 WhatsApp conversations, where they discussed some code words and were believed to have discussed the drug.

Following the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, the Drug Enforcement Administration has summoned various actors in the film industry to call for drug smuggling.

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