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nCore Announced FAU-G or Fearless And United Guards Release Date With Anthem

The FAU-G, or Fearless and Coalition Guardians, is a much-anticipated mobile action name created and published by nCORE Games, a company in Bengaluru.

The players have been waiting for the release of the name since it was announced in early September. Now, as the developers of the app reveal the release date of the title, it looks like the wait will be coming to an end very soon.

FAU-G official release date announced by nCore Games

According to tweets from the developers of the game, it is scheduled to be released on Republic Day on January 26, 2021.

Here is the tweet:

“What will you do when they come? We will hold our ground & fight back, because we are Fearless. United. Unstoppable FAU:G! Witness the anthem FAU:G! Launch 26/1”

After the official release on September 4th, the programmers released the text of the thread on October 25 in connection with the Dussehra.
They announced that the name had been pre-registered at the end of November, which had received a huge response from the community – it had already registered in 24 hours.

How do we pre-register for FAU-G?

Players can use the following steps to pre-register for FAU-G on the Google Play Store:
Step 1: Open the FAU-G page in the Google Play Store.
Step 2: Click the “Pre-register” button.
Step 3: The players appear and ask the players to confirm that they have registered.
Step 4: Finally, click the “OK” button. If they want to download the game immediately after it is provided to the device, they can click on the “Install as Available” option.

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