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The New Coronavirus Spreading Panic All Over The World

A new strain of corona virus first found in Britain in September has spread panic around the world. Strict restrictions have been reintroduced in many countries. According to scientists, this new virus is 80 percent more effective than before. A few days ago, the British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that this new virus is out of their hands. As a result, all Christmas and New Year riots have been stopped in Britain. Flights to Britain have been canceled in many countries.

Corona virus

The New Corona Virus maturates its DNA. The new strain of Covid19 shown in many countries. However the strength of the new form is unknown scientist are still finding its infectious ability and strength. Many scientists saying it’s may be alarming sine of new wave (second wave).

One victim was also found in Lebanon. Two people have been found infected with the new virus in the Netherlands, one in Singapore and two in Australia.

The new virus was found on December 25 in France. The man went to France from London. The virus was found in Germany on December 20. In Italy, a new virus has been found in the body of a couple who came to Rome from London.


The new virus was found in the body of a couple in Ontario, Canada. So far, nine new viruses have been detected in Denmark. A mutated virus has been found in the body of a man from Britain in Sweden. In Spain, the virus was found in four bodies. 3 people infected with new virus in Switzerland. The first outbreak in Japan was reported on December 25.

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