New Fire TV Stick & Fire TV Stick Lite Launched By Amazon

Amazon is an American multinational company, it is a fully technology-based company. Amazon is one of the most trusted e-commerce websites around the world, people prefer amazon shopping rather than physically going to the store. Everything is delivered to your doorstep with a full guarantee and if there is a defect they even take back the order.
This company especially focusses on e-commerce, it has also started production of some of the products.

The amazon produced products are widely used by people and are appreciated by the people. They are trying to bring more and more advancements in their electronic products. Amazon also has a video content streaming app called amazon prime, you can watch all kinds of movies and series on this app. A few years ago the amazon firestick was launched which could be connected to your TV and you could stream online content from the Prime website. It also allowed the user to buy or rent any movie or series from amazon, and stream it online.

New Fire TV Stick & Fire TV Stick Lite

Recently the latest versions of the firestick launched the Amazon Fire TV stick (3rd Gen) and the Fire TV Stick Lite. These have to know to enhance the online streaming experience of the viewers with a wide variety of content it has to offer. They support full HD resolution.
There isn’t much change in the core designed both of these can be used on a TV as well as a monitor using the HDMI port and the power supply is from the adapter. They also come with a remote, the new advancements are that these can control the volume of the television as well as the power, apart from the usual functions.

There is a 1.7GHz quad-core processor which is 50 percent faster and more powerful than the 2nd Gen and the user interface is also redesigned, it has 8GB internal storage for app and app data. It supports Full HD 1920×1080 pixels resolution with HDR10+ format. Both of these support the HDR format. There is also Dolby Audio available through HDMI pass-through. There is a personalized home screen It supports up to 6 users.

Fire TV Stick & Fire TV Stick Lite Prices

The newer version of the Fire TV stick is advanced and redesigned for easier use to the user and has a personalized homepage and which makes navigation easier. The 1.7GHz quad-core processor which has made it faster than any of the previous version. The new Amazon Fire TV Stick will cost $39.99 while the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite will cost $29.99 which seems a good price for the features they offer. We are awaiting more information about these two devices and will keep you updated about the same.

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