New Strain Corona, India Extends Suspension of UK Flights till 7th January

There is more panic about the new strain of covid. Corona’s new strain has been found in the bodies of 20 people in the country. One person has also been reported infected in Kolkata. Also, nine corona strains have been found in Delhi, six in Bangalore, two in Hyderabad and one in a lab in Pune. In this situation, India decided to close the air link with Britain(UK Flights)for 7 more days. The next decision will be taken after understanding the situation.

UK Flights

The next announcement will be made, the India government said. On Twitter, Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said, “Decision has been taken to extend the temporary suspension of flights to & from the UK till 7 January 2021”. “Thereafter strictly regulated resumption will take place for which details will be announced shortly.”

As the situation at New Normal gradually returned to normal, fears over Corona grew louder around the world. A new strain of the corona virus has blown away sleep. The central government sat motionless. On December 21, the center decided to close the air link with Britain.

At the same time, the government made the RT-PCR test compulsory for the passengers when all the departed planes reached India. Those whose report is positive should be sent to quarantine. 7 days home isolation if negative.

Meanwhile, 109 Indians returning from Britain have gone missing in Pune. According to administration sources, they have returned from Britain for the last 15 days. Some of them landed at Mumbai airport. Then he went to Pune by road. According to administration sources, the mobile phones of 109 missing persons have also been switched off. Police are being called in to help them.

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