Sushant singh rajput death case: New twist in sushant case over sisters whatsapp on medicines

    New twist in Sushant Rajput’s case over sister’s WhatsApp on Medicine.

    Priyanka Singh, it appears from the messages, asked Sushant Singh Rajput to take Librium for a week, Nexito every day, and Lonazep for “whenever there is anxiety attack”.

    Priyanka Singh also appears to tell her brother that she can help him connect with the “best doctor in Mumbai, all confidential”.

    Sushant Singh Rajput death case:

    Rhea Chakraborty’s lawyer Satish Manshinde says, “The prescription and the chats of the two sisters of the actor clearly indicates that the family was aware of the actor’s mental health.”

    Maneshinde adds, “They were exchanging prescription notes of medication and lied to the court and ED. Besides the consultation is also illegal and if even an online consultation has happened the doctor gives prescription to an existing patient whose history he knows in advance.” Rhea Chakraborty will be taking all possible legal action, including prosecution, against the family.

    Prescribed medicines are used for depression and anxiety. Librium is “a sedative and hypnotic medication of the benzodiazepine class”. Lonazep is used to treat certain types of seizures and to relieve panic disorders, like unexpected extreme fear and tension due to stress. Nexito 10 MG, according to online healthcare service, is used to treat depression and generalized anxiety disorders.

    This flies in the face of claims by the family that it was not aware of any mental health problems Sushant Singh Rajput. He has accused Rhea Chakraborty of giving him medication and taking him for treatment without the knowledge of his family. The WhatsApp chat shows the actor was being given medication by his family.

    According to the source, there have two conversations between Sushant and his sister Priyanka and Sushant’s manager Shruti Modi and the actor’s elder sister Nitu. According to the first conversation, the actor’s elder sister Nitu asking the Shruti Modi to share the prescription, and in 2nd conversation, Priyanka send him a Delhi doctor prescription where the doctor advises him to take medicine for his depression.

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