Nintendo Switch OLED Gaming Console Launched: Price, Features, Specifications

    X is the only thing that unites every gamer. Whether it is Play Station, Nintendo Switch, Xbox or even PC games, we can find X everywhere. It’s a basic function of every game. But, when it comes to differences, there are a lot of differences that occur within other consoles. And differences are what makes each console unique to play. Nintendo is one such company that makes awesome consoles. You would find many companies that would provide you with a lot of things but when it comes to consoles from Nintendo, you should expect nothing but supreme quality products. Among the products that Nintendo does sell, you can find the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch is an amazing console that has so many different features which makes it stand apart from other consoles.

    You can find that the joystick or the play stick itself is so uniquely designed that it can fit any type of game and even sword or gun games. The console is a big tablet that you put anywhere you like because it can be docked anywhere, making it a unique console that can be carried anywhere. Nintendo Switch supports online, local and multiplayer modes and LAN modes as well. The main thing as to why our tech sources have brought this news is the fact that the company has announced a new model based on the same series. The new model is said to be more futuristic, have many more features than the older versions and work much more smoothly. The name of this console is Nintendo Switch OLED. The console was rumoured to be released in November but since the official sources of this console have given their statement, the release is said to happen much before then it was rumoured to be.

    Nintendo Switch OLED Gaming Console Launched

    The Nintendo Switch OLED would be released on October 8th. As for the price of this new console, it is quite the same in comparison to others. Although the console has many features you would be surprised to find out that the product is priced way higher. We still don’t know as to why Nintendo games are worth so much and why they charge so heavily on a single console which you can get at a much lower rate and better features in other consoles too. This time the rumours have said to be true as it was said to be priced at more than 300 dollars. The official price of the product that would be launched is 350 dollars. Nintendo hasn’t worked itself much in the past few years and as to why this has happened, no one knows about the same.

    There were rumours and gossips everywhere from Twitch streamers to YouTube gamers, that the console company is going to drop something much higher than its competitors which are Sony, and Microsoft. But, expectations are quite ruined for most of the gamers because the new launch won’t be the same as we thought it to be. It doesn’t have anything new except the screen. No processor upgrades. It’s just a new screen. The new screen is a big 7-inch screen that can be used to play a variety of big games. However, if you look at the announcements carefully, you would realise that the screen itself isn’t some minor upgrade but a quite big one. Previously, we didn’t have any screens and if we look at the most recent ones, we would find that they have LCDs or simple displays. Now, the update will bring a 7-inch screen with an OLED display.

    Nintendo Switch OLED Gaming Console Price

    As to why rumours about this update have risen, is because the announcement was too short. Fans and haters alike were left with nothing but speculations and guesses. This Nintendo Switch is said to support a 1080p TV screen. However, in one Twitch stream, a guy who is said to work in the same company has said that the chip which is being installed in the device is completely new and has been upgraded. Thanks to this information, many of our sources have picked up rumours that said that it would be even available on the 4K big screen. This is happening only because of the chip upgrade. Now, although the company has designed its consoles to be kept anywhere because it has a docking system that can be attached anywhere. But, there were quite many reviews that it does fall off or the hardness of the stand goes off in some time and it gets very flexible and doesn’t stand in a particular way.

    The new upgrade has fixed this issue because it has granted an adjustable stand with the same. It has a 64 GB storage space which is quite a bit less than its competitors but again, you can expand the same up to 32 GB. Two main features have been added which are catching the eyes of the whole gaming community. The thing is, you must have noticed how difficult it gets to attach the ethernet cable in your console and most of the time you might need an external device for this process but in this upgrade, they have provided you with the ethernet cable attached and a port built-in for the same. The other thing is that the speakers are present in such a way that they won’t hamper the quality of the audio when it is played on tabletops or flat surfaces. Many news channels tried to get a hold of the company to clear some of its rumours.

    Nintendo Switch OLED Features

    There were many times that the company has shunned reporters and as to why this happens, nobody knows. We tried to get a statement regarding the upgrade but we found a statement that has been hurriedly said to a simple journalist. The main point here is that the company’s spokesperson has denied all the claims regarding any type of upgrade in its CPU. He had also stated that the company hasn’t even updated the RAM too. This upgrade was just focused on the screen and its utility functions. When it comes to something that apart from PC gamers, we all feel the same about is the battery life. You might feel that it is better to just attach it and play all day but it does harm your battery in the long run. As for the upgrade, the company has humbly announced that the battery life would be a bit over 9 hours.

    Now for people who already own the previous version would understand that this is a step-down. Because the previous version had the same battery life and since this is an upgrade it should have more. Another feature that is worth mentioning is that the upgrade is slightly heavier than the previous version. Although this has nothing to do with us because we don’t carry the whole console or use it while playing, this points to a completely different feature. The number of techs added inside would be much more than the previous ones. And, the upgrade is slightly longer than the previous version too. The new version weighs around 0.32 kgs while the older version was 0.29kgs. Although this is just a slight change, the number of things added inside could be much more. The best thing about this upgrade is that it won’t pester you to buy more games or buy a separate dock for this new console.

    Nintendo Switch OLED Gaming Console

    You don’t even have to work on anything as you can just plug and play. This is because you can see that the company has made no software changes inside this upgrade. All your favourite games like WWII Support, Smash and other games can be incorporated within the new upgrade. All the original Joy-Cons would also work in this new upgrade. You don’t have to buy any new games either. The best thing about this upgrade by far is said to be its docking system. As mentioned above, it has eliminated a key feature that has been regarded as a disadvantage of the Nintendo Switch. Now, the upgrade not only has a better docking system but also allows the users to keep their previous version on the same docking system! This is like killing two birds with one stone. There are, by far, two different colours available in this new upgrade.

    White and black are the only colours which you can find here. The update has cost much more than its previous predecessor, which was the Nintendo Switch lite version. It would cost around 199 dollars to buy the same and yet this one feels a bit more costly. There is no change in the feel when you play the game and it is the same Nintendo that we used to play. The only thing that has been changed is minor specifications which have boosted its performance. The update itself is about a year late as it has been two years since the last release. Nintendo shares have also reached the sky and the company has made quite an amount of 84.9 million dollars as their lifetime sale. After all, no matter what the features of the console are, the only thing that we gamers want is the experience and experience alone.

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