‘No Protests By Blocking Roads Indefinitely’, Supreme Court in Shahinbagh Case

Shahinbagh’s protest is illegal. The Supreme Court gave such order  in the Shahinbagh case on Wednesday. The Supreme Court observed, “Everyone has the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression.


But there should be a limit to the opposition. Thus, the road cannot be occupied indefinitely. Such protests are not acceptable. The administration can take action. The court order is not necessary for this. Such a situation will not be created in the future. That is our hope. “

Trinamool  congress MP Saugat Roy said, “The court has not given any order. The court has given an opinion. That opinion says that if there is a protest in the street, it does not cause any inconvenience to other people.”

CPM leader Mohammad Selim said, “Democracies have the right to protest. But not indefinitely or at the expense of the people.”

BJP leader Jayaprakash Majumder claimed, “The Supreme Court has spoken of the application of specific laws and the rights of the people.”

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