Nokia 215 4G, Nokia 225 Feature Phones Launched In India

It is today that HMD Global has made an announcement of the release of the brand new Nokia 215 4G and Nokia 225 feature phones. This news broke from the company’s Weibo account. 2.4% of the total population of India (which is about a hundred and 30 Billion ) uses Nokia phones. As we all know about one of the most popular non-touchscreen smartphone being of Nokia, you would indeed be excited to know about its release. And then being released with 4G is the icing on the cake.

We have got you some of the updates, features, and specifications of these phones. What is really exciting about the release of these feature phones is that they now come with a 4G internet connection. Which would enable the phone users to access the internet at a faster speed. Moreover, apart from the 4G availability, it has also got the VoLTE feature involved for better voice quality. Although the official announcement of the specifications of these phones has not come yet, some of the specifications are they have a polycarbonate body.

Nokia 215 & Nokia 225

It also comes with an FM Radio, Bluetooth, flashlight, about a 2-inch size screen, battery efficient chipset, and a torch. Both of these cell phones come with the same specifications except for the camera. Nokia 255 4G has a camera while Nokia 225 4G doesn’t. Nokia 215 and Nokia 225 are to be released. The former would be released on the 14th of October this year while the latter would be released three days after Nokia 215 phone’s release which is on 17th October this year they are said to be released for pre-order on these dates.

Both of these phones are equipped with a physical T9 keyboard and a polycarbonate body as mentioned earlier. Moreover, the Nokia 225 4G comes with a VGA snapper at the back while the other one has no camera. As of now, you can pre-book these phones at the service of a Chinese firm They cost CHY 289 which roughly sums up to Rs. 3100 in INR. This phone comes in two colors: Black and Turquoise Green. They have indeed gone for a fancy shade this time when it comes to the latter. 

Nokia 215, Nokia 225

But, Nokia 225 4G is not yet available for pre-order or sale yet even on As we mentioned earlier, the phones would be for pre-order, the actual release date might be 25th October 2020. This phone is said to be sold at a price of CHY349 which is about Rs. 3800 approximately in the Indian currency. As compared to the latter one, this might be more expensive as we can see here is a difference of Rs. 700 as compared to the former. That being said, needless to mention this cell phone comes with an inbuilt camera. 

Both of them ( Nokia 215 and Nokia 225 ) come with thick bezels. They have a Micro USB port for charging. The rest of the specifications of the battery module are unknown as of now. The Nokia 225 4G is going to be released in three different colors. They are Metallic Gold, Balck, and Classic Blue.

As we see, these Nokia phones come with some real flashy colors. Both of these phones come with a dual sim feature. Also, the very famous Snake game ( which had its fan base in the earlier years) has also been added to these phones. These are some of the updates of the latest release of the newly featured Nokia phones. Hope you found them helpful!

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