On The 25th anniversary Of DDLJ SRK Reveals Secret About ‘aao aao’ scene

Actor Shah Rukh Khan has revealed that he has created a landmark moment in the classic film Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Shah Rukh said many scenes were created in the film.

Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Anupam Her and several others involved in the making of the film, such as designer Manish Malhotra and music composer Twin Jatin-Lalit, took part in the film’s oral history.

“There have been a number of improv moments,” Shahrukh told Marie Claire. They strengthened the manuscript. There is a scene in which he feeds the pigeons with the smell of Amrish. We have a really interesting scene where the two of us uncomfortably go to “aao, aao” pigeons. This is an invitation to the pigeons I have heard in Delhi, so I added it. “Even the flowers that sprinkled on Kajol’s face, we didn’t tell her what was going to happen.”

Anupam, who plays the father of Shah Rukh’s character in the film, blends in with his story. “It’s amazing to Shahrukh: he’s a very nice, easy person,” he said. When we clapped and made fun of each other, I invented a series of these words. When Raj says “I just failed”, I introduce him to our “ancestors” in the pictures on the wall, it was like my family… My uncle failed in 7/8 class. So I asked Mr. Chopra, “Did I use their real names in the movie?” I asked.

The DDLJ, which gained the respect of thunderstorm criticism and business in 1995, escaped, consolidating Shah Rukh and Kajol into a romantic couple. It was India’s highest annual box office film.

“This series of friends is just entertainment … with material,” Shahrukh added. Adi saw more clearly where he was going and what he meant by it. So the voices belong to us, but honestly all the words and emotions belong to him. ”

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