OnePlus 10 Pro Full Specs Leaked: Details

OnePlus has adopted a different stream to confine the customers towards its smartphone and that is product placement. Product placement is something that makes customers think about the variation in the prices of the smartphone. These company products are good in price point. BBK Electronics, China owns One Plus for Premium Segment, OPPO for Medium-range and VIVO Low range market segments. Now talk about the users, BBK electronic did a great job in terms of placement of products like One Plus triggered as Most Premium devices – Never Settle with Flagship features and specs. In our opinion, only One Plus has the potential quality of hardware and features at which price bracket they come in and other brands Vivo and Oppo just doing cheat on customers as they have similar quality hardware but a big price difference.

However, this differs just for their Name – subject to users choice what he/she wants Oppo and Vivo. In last they get the same feature and hardware by some paying extra bucks or some at less. New one plus phones look like a clear modified design philosophy of the S21 series with that curved camera module. After the launch of the OnePlus 9 series smartphone, OnePlus is gearing up to launch another OnePlus smartphone. The OnePlus 10 smartphone launch has been leaked on the internet and fans are going havoc after the leak. In this article, we will discuss the speculated specification of the smartphone as well as the launch date. Steve Hemmerstoffer, who is primarily referred to as OnLeaks has revealed the details of the OnePlus 10 smartphone on his social media handle. He had updated about the specification details of the smartphone.

OnePlus 10 Pro Details

According to the revealed data, the smartphone will have a huge square-shaped rear camera bump as well as a punch-hole screen. Apart from that, the smartphone will have Hasselblad branding on the top. They will capture some of Samsung’s market share if they are available in February/ March. Unfortunately, the OnePlus isn’t what it used to be. If they still made smartphones the best price/quality, then yes. But from the moment they upped their prices and revamped their software, it’s a no-brainer when it comes to choosing them or Samsung/Google/Apple/Xiaomi. One plus is cutting so many features when they launch their smartphones with their higher prices. Moreover when the color OS will come, we hope this time google pixel devices get launched in India and start their market effectively here.

The OnePlus 10 pro may come with a 6.7-inch Quad HD+ display and it has been revealed that the screen refresh rate of the smartphone will be 120Hz. Although, past rumors have inferred that the smartphone may render a curved display, similar to the OnePlus 9 Pro. Coming to the chipset, the OnePlus will have the latest Snapdragon 800 series chipset, we can say the predecessor or Snapdragon 888. Talking about the upcoming One plus 9rt, the company has told that the phone will have 19GB ram. But there is a catch in the statement. Surely this phone should be launched in India but with Oxygen OS, because OnePlus has survived in India as well as the global market due to one of the most important strengths of the company which is Oxygen OS and now playing with such an important strength and that too in such a highly competitive market is a very risky call.

OnePlus 10 Pro Specs

This smartphone is one of the worst-performing products by one-plus. Overheats, the display is unusable outdoors, battery life authorities need to charge twice a day, Wi-Fi constantly turning on even all settings are turned off, autorotation constantly turns off. This phone is a child toy for Rs 80-90k. The smartphone will be available in variants based on RAM and internal Storage. These are 8GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage and 12 GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. Although, it has been also speculated that the base variant of the smartphone may come with 6GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Coming to the camera sensors of the smartphone, The OnePlus 10 will have triple camera sensors at the rear end, there will be a 48MP main camera, a wide-angle camera of 50MP, and a telephoto lens of 8MP.

From the leak, it has been observed that the company is deciding to remove the monochrome camera from the OnePlus 10 pro. It was present in the OnePlus 9 series. This is one of the drastic changes coming in the OnePlus 10 pro. While on the front, there will be a 32MP camera sensor available to click photos. The smartphone will render a 5000mAh battery and it is also speculated that it may come with 65-watt fast charging support. There are chances that the OnePlus 10 pro may also support 125-watt fast charging. It will have android 12 along with unified oxygen OS and ColorOS skin. Unified OS is not commercially available so we can’t say anything for now. Although, the company is claiming that the Color OS is far more stable than the oxygen OS. A lot of tech reviewers are criticizing the unification of color OS and Oxygen OS.

OnePlus 10 Pro Leaks

They are inferring that it is fruitless to brag about the fruitfulness of this unified OS. The company is not even allowing us to use AUX lenses in GCam anymore with the A12 update. Oxygen OS is simply in need of Oxygen and this brand is finally settled into mediocrity. OnePlus give a good price to performance and camera then the good user will buy because the price of the OnePlus smartphone is approximately half of the Samsung and apple. At first, OnePlus use cyanogen ROM which is great, and after they change we thought of the end of OnePlus but they bring oxygen OS which was also great, and now it’s time for unified OS let see the software but the pricing matters for the OnePlus this time. If they mess up, they might lose the Indian market to the competition.

Oneplus releases a new model every 6 months. When they release a new model, they stop producing and selling the previous model. As we come to Apple When they release a new model, the prices of older ones decline. Many people prefer older models. Therefore Oneplus had studied people’s strategies. Oneplus sells a new model higher than the previous one. For example, When you compare Oneplus 9 and Oneplus 9 pro. The specifications are almost similar except for the OS but it doesn’t matter. One Plus smartphones are known for rapid and consistent updates. In the future, you will get an update of OS in the OnePlus 10 Pro. As we can see that the smartphone has similar specs to its predecessor. It is speculated that the OnePlus may come with a smaller flat screen and smaller battery and little tweaks in the position of the front camera.

OnePlus 10 Pro Camera

It has also been revealed that the OnePlus 10 series may launch in the first quarter of 2022. So we can say that the global launch may resume after March 2022. This is all the revealed information we had regarding the smartphone. There is a chance for OnePlus to bring a custom ISP from Oppo and use a gimbal and a new wider selfie sensor imx 709 which supports 4k and higher megapixel pericope in the upcoming OnePlus 10 Pro. There will be no Hasselblad hardware and that means no sensor only software this time also. Take it with a pinch of salt, Oppo finds x4 series global variant may rebrand to OnePlus 10 pro.

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