OnePlus To Add 7 Crowdsourced Features To OxygenOS Soon

OnePlus is a brand that has caught on very fast in the cut-throat competition of the smartphone companies trying to push their product in the market. There are seven new features OnePlus is adding by using the IDEA 2.0 platform, where they have taken a host of ideas from their users and tried to implement them. OnePlus received 7,300 suggestions out of which the company has decided to implement seven. This is a master move by OnePlus to make the people feel like they are a big part of the company and to encourage them to keep using OnePlus.

One of these enticing new features is the FPS feature, which means the users can see the Frames per second counter while using gaming applications on their phones, which helps to gauge the performance level of the phone when playing these games. OnePlus has been working on this feature for a while now and says that there is a greater probability of its application in the future system updates. There is also another feature that allows you to use different volume controls and modify volumes for different applications, something similar to the feature available in Samsung One UI.

OnePlus To Add 7 Crowdsourced Features To OxygenOS

This new update will also allow for dual media playback. OnePlus said it would commence with this new feature by making different volume controls for notifications and media, and later, initiate different volume controls for different applications. In order to make the users connect with their phones better, OnePlus has decided to bring in features like different clock faces, different ways to display weather updates. They will also allow certain shortcuts to show on the lock screen.

However, while this feature has been accepted as an update for the future, OnePlus says that the possibility of a recent release of this feature is slightly low. OnePlus is also going to bring in the wireless transfer of data from the PC to OnePlus phones, to make the job of OnePlus users even easier. The only condition is that the phone and the PC have to be connected to the same wi-fi network. Another feature is the Power Diet, where the users can keep a certain percentage of the battery in preservation, for scenarios where charging the phone is not possible.

OnePlus OxygenOS Update

The other new feature that OnePlus is thinking of adding to its phones, is the feature of customizing dark mode, which can be either black or gray – the user’s choice. The phone will have three versions of dark mode for the user to choose from – enhanced dark mode, weaker dark mode, and softer dark mode. The last feature OnePlus is thinking of adding is partial screenshots, which is, like the name suggests, a way of capturing only a part of the screen. This feature will be akin to what is displayed in Realme phones, where placing three fingers on the screen activates the partial screenshot feature.

OnePlus has outlined the ideas it has taken into consideration and stated that these updates will be made available sometime in the next year. There are many other updates that OnePlus did not take into consideration, these include desktop mode and fingerprint customization. These new features are just another way to bridge the gap between OnePlus users and the company. The involvement of the users in the addition of new features gives them a sense of belonging in the company, which is what will ultimately encourage brand loyalty and keep customers coming to OnePlus when it is time to update their phones. It is not enough to make a name in the smartphone market if you cannot keep it. 

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