Oppo Enco X True Wireless Earphones Launched In India

    In today’s age of cut-throat competition, companies are launching products while pushing the distinct advantages of their offers over the other, to push their sales. While Oppo is primarily known for its amazing camera phones, the company has recently launched the Oppo Enco X Earphones, as good quality earphones are must-have devices to accompany any smartphone today! The Enco series aims to fulfill this demand. The Oppo Enco X earphones were first launched in China, and are priced at roughly Rs11,000/-.

    The earphones come in Black, Green, and Blue color options to tailor to your likes and dislikes. The sleek build and compact cases make for an eye-catching product, and also make them easily portable. The earphones are equipped with technology that can detect when the earphones have not been fit properly in the ear, preventing the danger of them falling off. The company is offering various ear tips sizes so that your earphones fit your ear comfortably. 

    Oppo Enco X Wireless Earphones Launched

    Each earphone comes with three microphones to clearly capture your voice and render you more audible when you speak. They are also equipped to handle noise reduction so that your hearing is not impaired due to background noises. These earphones also come with sound tuning done by Dynaudio. The focus is on providing you with an immersive sound experience. The playtime on the earphones lasts up to 4 hours post a single charge, and when you include the charging case, you can expect to have a battery life of 20 hours.

    The charging case supports USB Type – C, and Qi wireless charging. You can pick and choose your desired type of charger for your earphones. The earphones are equipped with a low latency mode, which helps to reduce the time taken between an audio signal’s commencement and when you hear it. This helps to increase the connectivity of your earphones. The earphones support Bluetooth version 5.2, and also support the LHDC Bluetooth codecs.

    Oppo Enco X Colors

    While the LHDC Bluetooth codecs may not seem like a great perk, these earphones do provide you with another connectivity option when there are compatible devices to connect with. The IP54 rating helps to make the earphones dustproof and waterproof. This ensures that you can use these earphones for longer durations, almost any time you want, and in any weather conditions as well. The Enco series also consists of another set of earphones- the Oppo Enco Free.

    The Oppo Enco Free earphones have the capacity for seamless connection with nearby devices wirelessly. They are available in White, Black, and Pink. The earphones have cutting edge audio technology which deals with bass as well as the dynamic range of your music to provide you with better audio quality. The earphones can shield your voice from background noises, making you perfectly audible no matter where you are! The earphones provide a battery life of 25 hours for playtime, making for amazing battery life for those on the go. 

    Oppo Enco X Earphones

    The significant advantages that the Enco X offers over the Enco Free include the fit checking technology which tells you if the earphone has been fit in your ear properly. The sound tuning is done by Dynaudio, along with three microphones for better sound quality, and provides you with the noise cancellation feature that makes these earphones an incredible bargain at the given price. The sleek design and the portability of the case only add to its sale value. The battery life of the earphones is slightly low in comparison, but the portable charging case more than makes up for it! So, go ahead, and buy your earphones now!

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