After Massive Uproar in Pakistan Over Gang-Rape Case, Imran Khan Suggests Chemical Castration or Public Execution For Rapists

    The rape of their mother in front of two children near Lahore, Pakistan, has caused a stir. The woman’s car ran out of oil. That’s when he was severely insulted on the highway. In all the cities of Pakistan, women have taken to the streets to condemn it and demand severe punishment for the culprits.

    Gang-Rape Case

    One of the two rapists has been arrested on suspicion of gang rape. His name is Safakat Ali. In this context, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has proposed to publicly execute the perpetrators of gang rape and other crimes by hanging or using chemicals.

    Lahore police chief Umar Sheikh, who was incensed by the incident, was also partially responsible for the torture. On Monday he apologized.

    PM Imran khan told a Pakistani channel that the most heinous sex crime should be punished by public execution, but at the same time it could hurt commercial exchanges with anti-death penalty partners such as the European Union.

    PM Said, I think sexual ability should be destroyed by using chemicals. I have read that it is happening in many countries. The way the level of murder is listed. First, second and third degree. The same should be done in this case and in case of first degree (sexual crime) sexual ability should be destroyed.

    Imran Khan

    Incidentally, sexual energy is wasted in a chemical way by applying drugs to reduce one’s libido. Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bujdar tweeted about the arrested suspect, his DNA matched, and he also confessed to the crime.

    A senior police official also confirmed the arrest of one person and said that a search was on for a second suspect. Rape in Pakistan is very difficult to judge and punish. Women are treated like second class citizens.

    Legal experts like Osama Malik report that the conviction rate for rape is 2 percent! This rate is even lower in the case of juvenile rape. This is one of the reasons why rape allegations have not been officially filed.

    The owner raises the issue of social stigma, stigma with sex crimes, also said that misogynistic attitudes work among many policemen. That is why the incidence of rape is less.

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