Park Won-soon Death:”Sorry to All People” The Last Message From Seoul Mayor

    Police confirmed the news of the South Korean’s Seoul mayor Park Won-soon death at midnight last Friday. Unfortunately, the park is no longer with us.

    Seoul mayor Park Won-soon was Missing from the last two days. His body was found on a wooded hill inside the capital last Friday night. However, the cause of his death is still unknown.

    Seoul mayor Park Won-soon was a famous South Korean public figure. He was thought to be the main movie of the 2000 presidential election and possible presidential successor of South Korea.

    According to the city government of Seoul, a suicide note was found in Park. In the suicide note Part write “thank everyone who has been with me in my life” and Par k Won-soon’s residence and his father told him to bury him next to his mother’s grave. And he also wrote “sorry to all people”.

    On the day of the investigation, police officials said Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon had been missing since last Thursday. Park’s daughter was the first to report her disappearance to police. After a long 7-hour search by police with the help of firefighters and dogs, his body was finally identified. His final location is confirmed by the police through the location of his mobile phone.

    Out of many developing countries, South Korea’s suicide rate has been steadily rising for the past few years. And various South Korean politicians have chosen the path of suicide to escape the shame of the people. Much evidence of which has been found in the past. The former South Korean president Roh Moo-hyun committed suicide in 2009 for allegations of corruption were leveled at his family and another politician Roh Hoe-chan also committed suicide in 2014 on charges of liberal political corruption. The death of a South Korean political figure is not uncommon.

    Seoul mayor Park Won-soon was born on March 26, 1954. He was 64 years old at the time of his death. Seoul mayor Park Won-soon has taken many exemplary steps and worked for the benefit of the people in his short political life. Park Won-soon is known as one of the most aggressive leaders in South Korea. He has fought several battles in South Korea over the current epidemic situation and has taken multiple important steps to stop the name club.

    However, in the personal life of this militant leader, many employees have brought allegations of sexual harassment and abuse. Even his secretary has repeatedly brought charges against him to the police. And Park Won-soon was sentenced to about 3 years in prison.

    Park Won-soon was employed as the Seoul mayor of South Korea for the longest time from 2011 to 2020.

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