Paytm Mini App Store Launched For Indian Developers As Play Store Alternative

In order to break down the hassles, Paytm has thought of coming up with a mini-app that can be easily set by using the HTML or the javascript. As we all know that Paytm has very well played the role in comparison with the Google Pay app. Hence with much confidence and effort, it has now coming up with the mini version of it. Though these mini-apps will not fulfill the space of the bigger apps but yes we can say that these apps will help users save much of their mobile data and memory as well.

We can say that these act as a web app which means the website apps which act like a native app for the users who want to save space in their memory as well as data. These apps are such apps that let the users enjoy the picture of the apps without even downloading them as a separate app in their mobiles. Paytm has thought of providing a specific list and also distributing these Paytm Mini Apps on their own official app. This includes several options for the user’s comfort which includes Paytm Wallet, Paytm Payments Bank, UPI, net banking, and even cards for the easy making of payments.

Paytm Mini App Store Launched

Paytm has rightly said that among 300 service providers, many app-based service providers of India such as Ola, Domino’s, Rapido, Park+, Freshmenu, No broker, and many others have joined this which shows their interest in this specific field. Paytm has beautifully designed their app store with a dashboard, Payment collection along with marketing tools which are large in number and vary from each other as well. The CEO and the founder of the Paytm, Vijay Shekhar Sharma said,” I am proud that we are launching something that creates an opportunity for every Indian app developer.

Paytm Mini App Store empowers our young Indian developers to leverage our reach and payments to build new innovative services. For Paytm users, it will be a seamless experience that doesn’t require any separate download and enables them to use their preferred payment option”. Though the Paytm app has been temporarily deleted from the Google play store yet Paytm has not shut its working and hence came up with its own Paytm Mini App store to the very convincing for the people of India and that’s showing its hardworking as a whole.

Paytm Mini App Store

This sudden act if Paytm has been a direct challenge to Google as well, and they are also trying their level best to soon bring an alternative for Google. This Paytm Mini App Store has been developed as a kind of help to the Indian developers who could use this app in order to stretch their masses. Paytm has rightly clarified that they would not charge their users with the listing as well as for the distribution of these mini-apps within the app store. However, they have decided to charge at least two percent charge which also includes GST, which is to be levied by the company itself when the users make a payment through credit card, net banking, or debit card.

This Paytm Mini App has been running itself in the beta version as well but with some selected and listed users so far and has got to have x twelve million visits right in the month of September. This movement has been rightly welcomed by Indian developers. This also falls under the Atmanirbhar Bharat mission drive, as we can see the digital transaction of money only in India. 

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