75% of People are Suffering Again With COVID Symptoms Within A Month of Recovery: Research Said

Killer corona virus nesting in the body. And till now we all are waiting for Covid-19 Vaccine .In most cases it is leaving after staying for at least 10-15 days. Relief is returning to the patient’s family after the report came negative. But unfortunately this is not the happy ending. Because the new research is not so easy to say goodbye. In most cases, the symptoms of Covid-19 reappear in the body within a month of recovery.

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According to a media report, the new research has come up with shocking information. It has been found that 85% of people who recover from COVID-19. Within a month of being negative again. In other words, the symptoms of this invisible virus are not going away even after returning from the hospital after several days of treatment. Research says that the new symptoms that appear in the body often lasts for 3 months.

The study was conducted at a hospital in Bristol, England. Where the corona was attacked and the recruits were being monitored. There, it was found that 75% of the patients who returned home with covid negative still suffer from corona symptoms. A team of researchers from the North Bristol NHS Trust observed that 81 out of 110 patients have been sick since corona negative. The effects of this contagious disease still remain in their bodies. For which they have come for the second time for treatment.

What Are The Common Symptoms After Recovery?

The study claims that symptoms such as shortness of breath, excessive fatigue, and muscle pain are more noticeable. Over time, many people are showing symptoms like fever, cough and tastelessness. Many patients report having shortness of breath after killer COVID-19 disease. Many are again suffering from excessive anxiety. Even they are also suffering from hair fall also ! In a word, returning to normal life is feeling quite difficult. According to experts, those who have such symptoms after winning the corona, immediately.

For the same reason, the AIIMS Post-CVID-19 Care Center has also been set up in Delhi.

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