Pfizer Vaccine Causes Severe Allergies in The Bodies of U.S. Volunteers, Question About Side Effects

    The United States is looking forward to the corona “Pfizer vaccine”. US President Donald Trump himself has announced his arrival, it is heard that rich countries are already booking all the doses so that their citizens are safe, let the rest go to hell.

    Pfizer covid Vaccine

    In this situation, the news came that two health workers fell seriously ill while voluntarily taking a dose of Pfizer, a middle-aged woman, who had no history of allergies, developed an allergy within 10 minutes of being vaccinated. Pfizer’s Corona vaccine was also administered by a health worker in Alaska, who also developed severe allergies. This is what happened during the Corona Ticker test in England last week.

    It can be seen that the middle-aged woman has allergies all over her face and body, she starts having difficulty breathing, her heart rate increases. Within 10 minutes of others taking the injection, the eyes become swollen and the throat starts itching. However, it was fixed within 1 hour, they were released. However, the woman had to stay in the hospital for two nights.

    The UK’s medical regulator has claimed that people with a history of severe allergies to certain drugs or foods should not be vaccinated of Pfizer. The US Food and Drug Administration also said most Americans with allergies should not be vaccinated. Although the Alaskan volunteer had no history of allergies.

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