Players Can Be Severly Punished if The Bio-Safty Zone of IPL 2020 is Broken

BCCI is very strict to keep IPL corona free. Violation of the rules of grooming will be severely punished. If so, player may be sent into exile for this year’s IPL. The board is not taking any risks in terms of security. A long list of SOP has reached the every franchise. The cricketers have been informed about all the rules and regulation of this IPL.

Sources said that no one will be able to go to anyone’s house to chat. No one can go to a restaurant to eat. The same can be said of team meetings. After returning from practice, the cricketers will have to go home. If anyone breaks the rules, he will suffer. His Team or tournament will not suffer for any cricketer concerned. Although there is no ban on taking the cricketers’ families, franchise sources said that in most cases the families are not taking them. All the team will be there (UAE) between August 20 and 23, each team will fly to Amirshahi. Planning for which team will stay at which hotel was done in advance.

Sources Also said Rajasthan Royals wanted to stay in Abu Dhabi. But KKR and Mumbai Indians are there. As a result, Rajasthan Royals are no longer in Abu Dhabi. Because no more than two teams can stay in Abu Dhabi. As a result, it is difficult to plan for the board. Having to plan all over again. The whole sports schedule is slow so it may take a few more days.

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