PM Modi Mann Ki Baat: September Is Vocal For Local Month

    During the Mann Ki Baat speech, PM Modi said that India had the potential and the power to be a toy center. He urged big companies to come forward for creating toy clusters in India. He also said about how modern foreign toys are spoiling play for youngsters these days and that is why we need to go “Vocal For Local” in both producing and buying Made In India toys. PM Modi emphasized that toys are important that offer our children’s imagination.

    He also said the regional toys of India have a rich heritage. “Channapatna in Ramnagar, Karnataka, Kondapalli in Krishna, Andhra Pradesh, Tanjore in Tamil Nadu, Dhubri in Assam, Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, and there are so many other places like them where you can find so many skilled craftsmen, who specialize in the making of good toys”. The Prime Minister called broad factories to collaborate with these small manufacturers and craftsmen in India to develop toy clusters.

    Mann Ki Baat - 30 August 2020

    The PM also called upon teachers in his monthly radio broadcast “Mann Ki Baat” and asked the teachers to engage students in studying the stories of veterans of the struggle for independence in the nation. He said it has played a major role in building the country, referring to the value of nutrition. Modi said that a Bharatiya Poshan Krishi Kosh was built to provide nutrition information generated in all districts.

    He advised that the students must be made aware of the sacrifices made by the freedom warriors. School students must engage in the awareness sharing of unsung freedom heroes and on 5 September, he said, it should be key to this year’s Teachers Day program.

    The PM indicated that this season is generally festive, but this year the condition is different due to the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19). He said in this year’s festivals there were incredible balance and clarity. He said various festivals in India honor nature and cited the Tharu tribe of Bihar as his worshipper and Onam in Kerala as a harvest festival.

    The PM also highlighted development in the area of games. Most games are actually focused on international subjects. He said that video games must be made in India and even about India. Small start-ups would gradually become major multinational businesses, Modi stated. He said that a request to invent (app) was greatly contributed to.

    He has also illustrated the role performed by two dogs of the Indian Army, Sofi, and Vida. He told Indian breed dogs that are being used in the Indian army must inspire and encourage the people to accept them as livestock.

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