PM Modi on Christmas Day 2020: The Life and Vision of the Lord Jesus Empowers People All Over The World

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi wished Merry Christmas to nation. He tweeted a heartfelt Christmas greeting to everyone on Friday morning. The Prime Minister appealed to everyone to remember the great thoughts of Jesus Christ.

    Narendra Modi


    Many people all over the world have rejoiced on the occasion of Christmas. Not only Christians, but people of all faiths have been touched by the joy of Christmas. Santa Claus is everywhere with Christmas carols, Christmas trees and gift bags.

    The Prime Minister tweeted, “ Merry Christmas! The life and principles of Lord Christ gives strength to millions across the world. May his path keep showing the way in building a just and inclusive society. May everybody be happy and healthy”.

    Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also wished everyone a Merry Christmas. Rahul wrote on Twitter, “Merry Christmas! May this festival bring peace & harmony to your homes and hearts”.

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