Pokémon GO Cresselia Raid Guide: How To Catch, Counters & More

Cresselia is a Legend Pokémon which first came into existence in Generation IV. It is not considered to learn in or from any other Pokémon. It is one of Darkrai’s Lunar duo members. The blue swan body of Cresselia has a light underneath. It has rose eyes, a round, dark-pink tuft, and a pointed beaky snout in its head. On the edges of its head, there are black, crowned adornments. In Sleepless In Pre-Battle! Cresselia made her key set of debuts. At a certain time in a year, Darkrai comes too along with the Cresselia to induce nightmares, she will usually return to her shrine on Fullmoon Island. It can drop its wings, that users use to help avoid Darkrai’s nightmares.

Today, at 1 PM according to the Pacific Time Zone, Cresselia, which is a Lunar Pokémon, takes over as leader of the Legendary Raid. Trainers will only be able to capture this pure Pokémon spirit, only for one week which is available in its shining version, one of the most stunning Shinies in the series. You will learn from this Raid Guide the top counters so that this Moon Goddess Pokémon can be defeated and caught. You can push your counters as much as you can, and having this powerful Shadow Pokémon with your actions unlocked is a high order for even the most advanced players. There are ten more non-shadow counters which may lead to the productivity of Cresselia.


Strong Ghost and Darc style users such as Super Beedril, Mewtwe, Tyrannitar, and powerful bug forms as Scizor and Pinsir are the strongest Cresselia counters. Bug, Dark, and Ghost can easily defeat Cresselia as they are fast as compared to the Cresselia moves. Technically, Cresselia can also be combined with the Fog Conditions and best friend boosts by 2 levels 40 trainers who run teams in Mega Beedril / SC Gengars. 3-5 players can potentially withstand a Cresselia with the correct counters, and 6-20 players can withstand one of them. When trapped in a post-raid grab fight, Cresselia can have the following CP values:

  • 1555 – 1633 CP in normal weather conditions
  • 1944 – 2041 CP in Windy weather

Best Cresselia Counters

Mega Beedrill, is currently one of the best Cresellia’s counters (until Mega Houndoom is released). While Mega Beedrill is solid, its whopping 303 shreds Attack stat allows Cresellia some kind of protection when it has access to double BUG moves.

Giratina is an excellent counter in the fight against Cresselia. It is considerably less TTW than other Supreme Counters, and since the bulk will not die every 10 seconds, such as Gengar, it is the preferred weapon.

Tyranitar is a beast against any psychic Pokemon, including Cresselia. Your powerful partner can crumb quickly, save potions and do as well as an SB Mewtwo by Cresselia. It is definitely a champ against Cresselia and if you have it, then consider using it.

Gengar is one of Cresselia’s best counter Pokemon because it has the fastest and strongest DPS but is very weak and can faint more than twice as much as Mewtwo or Tyranitar. For gamers who want to execute the raid as soon as possible, Gengar can be a good choice.

How To Catch Cresselia

The capture circles of Cresselia are easy to reach since they are specifically positioned on her forehead. It’s pretty wide as well and will make for a good “Nice” and “Excellent” throw. Cresselia is better ensured by using the circle lock technique.

The players can pin onto the ball by using the lock technique until the capture circle of Cresselia decreases. Releasing at the lowest level in the ring helps the circle to lock in, providing an “Excellent” shot if the ball reaches the mark. Throw the ball as Cresselia ends the attack to ensure that it can be finished. The attack by Cresselia is a leap in liquid, and then she circles back to her position. When she’s trying to relax, throw the ball. The Golden Razz Berry is the perfect berry to capture her. This can lead to a captured Cresselia, combined with “Excellent” throws.

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