PUBG Mobile Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS Release Date Revealed

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), As this new version of the game, is completely developed by Krafton, it’s no longer a Chinese game because it is developed by a Korean game company. Secondly, all the data of pre-registration and after launch game logins will be stored safely in a server that is situated mainly in India and Singapore. The third main reason why it’s safer this time than the earlier global version is the matter of fact, Tencent no longer plays any role in BGMI. So, it’s completely safe this time around for you to download the game from the play store. Most importantly, there is no issue of breach of data this time. Battleground mobile India, in short BGMI, has been launched only for Indian users. Earlier PUBG has the largest database of users from India only.

A large section of the profit of the gaming company was coming from India, but the government of India banned the game PUBG owing to data and security reasons. The ban on pub mobile India is not uplifted by the Indian government so they have to launch the game with modifications as you know they broke up a partnership with Tencent and are now partners with Krafton so in order to stop themselves from getting banned they have to change the name and revamped the game, particularly for Indian users. Battlegrounds Mobile India is finally releasing for iOS users. After a lot of speculation about the launch of the game, finally it will be introduced for Apple product users. The game BGMI can now be played on iOS devices. Although the beta version of this game was already released on June 18 for iOS users.

Developers of the game announced that the BGMI is making its way for all the iOS users and you need to be a beta tester in order to play the game. The release of BGMI for iOS users created a wave of hype and excitement among Apple product users in India. According to inside sources, it has been observed that the game BGMI will be launch for iOS users on July 6, 2021. But the reality of the leak can be proved yet because there is no confirmed news that came from the developers of the game BGMI. Maybe they are planning to surprise iOS users by launching the game on July 6. The hype of the launch of the game among iOS users is at its pinnacle. The reason behind the hype is, most of the efficient and competitive players of the battleground game are iOS users and after the release of the game for iOS devices, the fun of the battleground game will be multifield.

Recently BGMI has been introduced for iOS users. A gameplay video and will show some major differences between the global PUBG Mobile and our Battlegrounds Mobile India. Developers of the BGMI have finally released the game for iOS users after huge demand for BGMI fans. Last week the game BGMI was released for all the android users in India. This has created an upsurge among iOS users and they are demanding the developers of the game to make it available for Apple products. Now the wait of millions of iOS users will finally be going over and they can also enjoy BGMI on their iOS devices. Talking about the gameplay, both the Android as well as iOS users will observe the same experience of gameplay.

There will be no difference in the graphics and gaming quality. Although iOS users will have the advantage of better hardware, so, they will have a much lag-free gaming experience. The game BGMI has been tremendously applauded by fans from all over India. Now, it is making its way for iOS users. The reach of the game will reach all the users who have smartphones. Apart from that, recent updates in the game have also contributed to a better gaming experience for the users. We are going to talk about the changes that are there in the new BGMI game. Well, as in the first sight of the game it is pretty much similar to the PUBG mobile for e.g., all the clothes, or basic layout or if it is the maps almost everything is same but some things are changed in the new battlegrounds mobile India or the BGMI.

1. Leaves Instead of Blood – In the new BGMI whenever you kill an enemy instead of blood, green leaves come out of the body when you shoot the enemy. Earlier in PUBG mobile when anybody used to shoot the enemies, red blood usually comes out or any other according to your settings in the game. But in BGMI instead of the blood green leaves comes out of the body.

2. Only Indian Server Is Available – In PUBG mobile, we used to have an option where we can change our server according to ourselves to any region for e.g., North America or some other servers according to our choice. But in BGMI we cannot change our server. Players will have access to only Indian servers.

3. Change In The Name – Earlier when in Pubg mobile the name on the things such as a coupon crate was written as PUBG mobile but in BGMI it is written as battlegrounds mobile India. So, this is one change in the game where the name of the things is changed.

4. Only The Current Season Is Shown – In Battlegrounds Mobile India when you see a player’s statistics the current season would be available only and not the last season or before it. In Pubg Mobile you can see the statistics of the player and the seasons before it. But in BGMI you can’t.

5. Some Exclusive Rewards – In battlegrounds mobile India, players will be renowned with much more rewards. Users have got some coupon crates when the game reached 1M downloads and 5M downloads etc.


6. Change In The Management System – When you go to the settings in the game and in the other sections you will find the gameplay management system and if you are above 18yrs then you can do it, yes and if you are below the age limit then you have to select no. The change is that when you select no it will ask you your guardian mobile number.

7. No Killing of The Enemy – In the game when you kill an enemy, it would always show you that you finished the enemy instead of killing. Whereas in PUBG mobile it is shown as you killed the enemy. So, this is also a vital difference. Perhaps, it will make the game safer for children under eighteen years.

8. No Red Blood Effect – In BGMI when you go to the settings and choose a blood effect and hit effect the only options would be green, light green, and yellow. There is no red blood color option in the game. Pretty less violent than the PUBG.

9. Changes In The Spawn Island – When you enter the spawn island in the 1min waiting time. A girl speaks something about the gameplay system and also a new board is also added in the spawn island and when you board the plane it will show to enter the virtual world. All the changes are done by the government only so that the players don’t take the game so seriously.

Both PUBG and BGMI are good at their place there is no comparison between Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile because Battlegrounds is only for Indian users and their policy is also different from PUBG while PUBG Mobile is for all to that’s why their policies are totally different as compared to Battlegrounds Mobile India. So, according to me, you may try Battlegrounds at least once because it’s only for Indian Users. It has been suggested by Krafton that Battlegrounds Mobile India is largely a remodification of PUBG Mobile. This is not surprising as it is arguably the most awaited game.


Battleground Mobile India is offering a new reward for people to celebrate the battlefield. In which the player will get the Classic Crate Coupon and he can take advantage of it by going to the Events section available on the game. You have to scroll down a bit to find ‘5M Downloads Gift’, at the bottom you will find a one-tap button, as soon as you tap it you will be able to access it. It’s like a doppelganger game to one of our all-time favorites (PUBG) that was banned last year. And now the game is available on numerous platforms.

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