New Erangle Map + Updates Coming To PUBG Mobile On Sep. 8

PUBG Mobile will be upgraded on September 8, to change the prominent royal strategy game in a various manner. We expected, with the exception of the functionality as well as graphics redesign, a major update to the latest Erangle 2.0 map, which is now officially confirmed by PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile verified that ‘New Erangel’ will be released on September 8 and they have confirmed the news on their social media channels. This date is the same as the date when the latest update PUBG Mobile 1.0 is to be launched. The post also offers updates on a new community event as well as the new map post. “The New Age Dawn” is a chance for players to win over 30 thousand UC in the game.

New Erangle Map

Prior to its launch, PUBG Mobile dropped animated shorts giving Erangel 2.0 a sneak preview. PUBG Mobile updates a graphical redesign of some of the best Erangel places. Areas such as the Military Base of Sosnovka, the Mansion, Mylta Power, and Prison will get a whole new design in the newest update. Georgopol has seven new warehouses as well. Several buildings and shelters have been altered and enhanced around New Erangel. New tactics based on building improvements will be required that players need to adjust the methods of defense and attack.

PUBG Mobile 1.0 New Updates

PUBG Mobile 1.0 can carry the influential game with noteworthy graphical improvements. These include updates to your character, and updated graphics and settings. This ensures that the environments in the game, with enhanced lighting and different elements such as bubbles, dust, air bursts, mud flashes, and scope interactions, are better looked at.

PUBG Mobile Update

PUBG Mobile New Erangle Map Update

The parachute fall will be changed and the player will roll on the floor instead of simply falling. The efficiency of shading and light propagation effects will also be improved. The latest update also includes a revamped user interface, meaning that all the menus are revised and gamers can expect more interactive lobbying and better device graphics. Wait for the latest update to allow Ultra-HD graphics to be used on the high-end smartphone devices.

The games, communities, and transactions will be further expanded into three places, allowing players fast and easy access and the development of a clean and simple interface, thereby enabling players to easily decide what functions they want. Players can also modify their layout to make operations feel comfortable.

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