PUBG New State Launched For Android & iOS Devices

PUBG NEW STATE is finally available for Android and iOS devices. The game has been introduced in India as well as in more than 200 countries. PUBG NEW STATE was first introduced in February 2021 and it is the next installment in PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) game series. The NEW STATE has been claimed to give the next generation gaming experience and a hundred players can play at a time. PUBG NEW STATE has been developed by PUBG studios and the premise of the game is set in the Future (2051). PUBG NEW STATE has new vehicles and a new gaming mechanism which seems to bind the gamers. The new PUBG NEW STATE is lag-free gameplay as compared to PUBG, the game looks more optimized takes less time to open. You won’t experience lag when an enemy car comes close to you in contrast to the PUBG.

While there are some cons of the game and these are, the game isn’t intense as compared with PUBG ( it has just been launched and it will get better with future updates). The vehicles are very difficult to control like it sometimes goes anywhere and it seems too irritating. Absence of realistic experience, as it feels more cartoonish and unnatural. PUBG NEW STATE is well optimized and is lag-free your phone will hardly heat-up, but the gameplay isn’t really good. In terms of gameplay, PUBG is the clear winner. PUBG: NEW STATE is a futuristic new battle royale game for Android and iOS. PUBG: NEW STATE trailer has been released and watching it looks quite awesome. But remember don’t be excited as it’s just the trailer and not gameplay.

PUBG New State Launched

Gameplay quality always degrades from its trailer in 99% of games. But no worry since, PUBG: NEW STATE is a battle royale game thus the game will be enjoyable and not like the FAU-G game. Both the games (BGMI and PUBG) have a similar game mechanism, we think. So we have to wait some time to know the results. In our opinion, both games will do good in the future in the mobile gaming community. You can see in the play store the 55 million downloads which is in the very first day. The game is undoubtedly a huge success and more people are looking forward to giving it a try. In this article we will discuss the gameplay and mechanism of PUBG NEW STATE in detail, so let us start without wasting any minute.

The game is also from krafton and not Tencent so India won’t ban it even if it gets viral, gamers are speculating that people from BMI might shift there. The concept of the game is amazing(New features and vehicles, etc.). The only issue is graphics and environment details, The graphic looks cartoonish rather than PUBG games made by Krafton, and the hair of the character looks pixelated, Some buildings and surfaces far from the character look blurry sometimes. PUBG NEW STATE provides a smoother experience than PUBGM. Most notably are the movement, it feels cleaner as well as faster and vaulting/jumping isn’t as awkward as PUBGM; Gunplay, no difference at all other than what felt like a quicker time-to-kill. The lobbies UI being delayed and clunky, quite a bit of lag and delay during fights and as of right now stutters during games which make it unbearable to play.

PUBG New State Gameplay

The new installment in PUBG is getting mixed reactions from the gamers and fans.  Some of them find it endeavoring while a greater section of people found it unworthy and full of bugs. Even with an average device, the game runs smoothly. But some network issues are occurring after a few minutes (maybe because the game just launched). There should be some improvements in the training area (personal training area for everyone like BGMI/PUBGM). The game is good from every aspect. The game is newly released and of course, it’s going to have server problems and little bugs but the issue is the devices become too hot after just playing one classic match. You got to optimize the graphics for mid-range phones to play lag-free or without any heating issue.

We know the server is down right now because it’s launched globally, we understand the inconvenience unlike some of the toxic people who don’t have patience who doesn’t have any idea how the server crashes when it’s launched even the top companies can’t control this server crashing issue. The thing is millions of people are downloading the game at the same time. Eventually, the game will crash servers will crash. Why are you unrating it? Have a sense. And yes developer mode should be off before opening the game. It’s high security. you must be happy. On graphics aspects, PUBG NEW STATE is too good but while playing the game we have observed that we cannot exit the vehicle we don’t have that option to exit the vehicle we need to move to the passenger seat and need to fire, and then we are getting exit option.

PUBG New State Download For Android iOS

Developers need to rectify this issue as soon as possible. PUBG NEW STATE has become the best game launched in the year 2021, it has High graphics, High textures, better rendering everything is better than its earlier version, this is the best example of a NEW STATE game, best optimization and best performance, low ping like every best possibility are here in the game. You just need to have patience for the servers to be up again, just wait and don’t panic, they will be fixed by tomorrow because the developing team is already working on it. We expect that the developers might release a small update soon. We had a sneak peek of the game before the error popped up. The game looks and feels awesome so you will Just need to hold your horses. We hope that they’ll fix the issue soon. Those who are facing game starting issues please turn off your developer option from settings on your device and then start the game.

The game doesn’t allow to use developer option which helps in keeping away the hackers. This game is an excellent piece (especially those who know and play PUBG on PC will know this game’s worth) the mechanics of this game are so cool and similar to PUBG PC. A gamer has said that “When I played the first match the vehicle was flying in the air and when it touched the ground it sank under it. The second match was a bit better but in the third match the game crashed and it didn’t let me get back in the match even if I clicked to join a couple of times. I know it happened because the game is still new”. Too much battery consumption has been noticed while playing the game but we know it will get better with future updates. All those people are criticizing PUBG NEW STATE for silly problems and those who are saying that game is not running properly.

PUBG New State iOS

Maybe because they have an old phone or not a compatible phone. The people who are unable to connect to a server, do not know that the old PUBG(PUBG mobile) was the same at the beginning when they launch it was the same the server was for many people wasn’t working. The game gives new modern vibes and the buttons and controls are fine and you can change it, also swap TPP (Third Person Perspective) to FPP (First Person Perspective) in-game. Characters customization is variable and game design + map design are very cool. The way you move your character is flexible and currently, there is no controls problem. We also like the fact that you can change your profile picture into a picture you choose. This game is very good and there are no other signs of problems that impact gameplay.

Talking about the negative aspects and reviews of the PUBG NEW SATE, we have already gotten to know about the server crash and downloading issues. The starting of the game is only worse as the loading bar is stuck at 38% and it is not moving at all and it is coming that unable to connect to the server. As the game has been introduced publicly a day ago, There are so many issues in this game. First of all, the graphics are great but there is no change in gameplay. It is too heavy on the device and drains the battery like a monster, which also leads to the heating of the device. There are multiple servers to select from but you can easily reach to top 10 as most of the time you will be dealing with bots. On the very first day of PUBG NEW STATE, we are getting server connection Alert that was never expected from Krafton and PUBG studios.

PUBG New State Android

PUBG NEW STATE needs more optimization, a lot of gamers have said that whenever they try to fire on someone their screen freezes for a sec. By the time you get control enemies already killed you. The game is not smooth, not even on max frame rate. On the other hand, Graphic is not up to the mark as compared to its predecessors ( BGMI and PUBG). In the end, we can say that this game is a combination of FREE FIRE + COD, if you played both games you can say that. Another wise game is great, fans and gamers loved it at first glance. Although the game has also received negative reviews because (1) they have a low-end device (2) they can’t disable the developer option, and can’t play the game, (3) they are having lag on their device because of low processor and GPU. So if you have a good phone with optimum hardware, the game will run smoothly on your phone without any reliability issues.

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