PUBG Ban: PUBG Plans To Sign An Agreement With an Indian Company to Get Back The Market in India

PUBG Corporation is the developer of PUBG Games. It is a South Korean company. But in India, Tencent Games controlled the PUBG mobile app. Once the agreement with the Indian company is completed, they will be given the responsibility of distributing PUBG in India.

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And the publishing rights will be in the hands of the public authority. After the announcement of the ban by the Indian government, the PUBG Games authorities have become restless. The PUBG Corporation announced on Tuesday that it has withdrawn from the PUBG franchise Tencent Games in India.

Due to which the possibility of PUBG’s return to India became bright. It is rumored that PUBG is about to end its relationship with Chinese company Tencent Games and sign a contract with an Indian gaming company.

PUBG suffered huge financial losses due to being banned in India. According to a survey, in 2019 alone, PUBG earned US Dollar 100 million (about Rs 736 crore in Indian currency) from India.

For now, the South Korean company is desperate to regain the market by signing an agreement with an Indian company.

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