PUBG Mobile May Return to India, Korean Company is Taking Responsibility From Tencent Games

According to a notification issued by the Indian government last week, 118 Chinese mobile apps have been banned. That list included the popular mobile game PUBG. The ban caused a stir on social media. Lots of heartbreaking pubic lovers.

PUBG Mobile

But in the midst of this despair, PUBG Corporation showed the light of hope. In India, they may withdraw from the PUBG franchise Tencent Games. Due to which the possibility of PUBG’s return to India became bright.

The app was banned by the central government under the control of hundreds of Chinese companies such as PUBG, WeChat and Baidu. “These apps are detrimental to India’s sovereignty, solidarity and defense,” he said. After this ban, Tencent Game lost 3,400 crore.

PUBG Corporation is the developer of PUBG Games. It is a South Korean company. But in India, the Chinese mobile app was controlled by a Chinese company called Tencent Games. The South Korean company wants to take control of PUBG in India from the Chinese company.

PUBG Corporation has recently issued a statement on the matter. “The PUBG Corporation respects the government’s concerns about the protection of players’ personal information,” it said. We are working hand in hand with the Government of India to find a way to get PUBG back. “We want to return to the battlefield in accordance with Indian law.”

“PUBG Corporation has decided that Tencent Games will not be the franchise of PUBG in India,” it said. We will keep the responsibility of PUBG in India in our own hands, “they said. We are the developers of PUBG. But we also involve different companies to provide on-demand services in different areas. “

After this statement of PUBG Corporation, PUBG lovers are bracing themselves again in the hope of returning PUBG. As Indo-Chinese relations heated up after the clashes in Ladakh, 58 Chinese apps, including TikTok, were banned in India. Since then, hundreds of Chinese apps have been banned in recent weeks.

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