Rafale Fighter Jets joined Indian Air Force, Congratulations to Dhoni

Five Rafale fighter jets now officially under Indian control. Rafale fighter jets joined the Indian Air Force at Ambala Airport in Haryana on Thursday. Mr. Cool, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is excited about the inclusion of French Rafale fighter jets under Indian Army.

Rafale Fighter Jets joined Indian Air Force

Rafale Fighter Jets joined Indian Air Force

The IPL is just a few days away from starting. In it he finds time Captain Cool Tweeted on his twitter account and he is very excited for this incident. Be an honorary lieutenant colonel of the Indian Territorial Army it’s a proud moment for MR. MS Dhoni. Captain Cool is part of Indian Territorial Army since 2011.

The five Rafale warplanes landed at Ambala Airport at Last 29 July, 2020.

In the first tweet of Mr. Captain Cool wrote, “Through the final induction ceremony, the world’s best quality 4.5 generation fighter jets got the best pilots in the world.”

In another tweet, the Chennai Super Kings captain wrote, “We hope the Rafale will surpass the Mirage 2000 service record.”

The French Rafale fighter jets have been included in the 16th Golden Arrow Squadron of the Indian Air Force. Dhoni greeted the squadron. “Personally, the Sukhoi 30 MKI is my favorite aircraft,” said Dhoni.

 “The induction of Rafale into IAF also represents the strong ties between India and France. The strategic ties between our two countries have also strengthened,” said Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on this Ceremony.

Now The Rafale fighter jet is the part of 17 Squadron, the “Golden Arrows” and major acquisition of fighter planes in India.

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