Raspberry Pi 400: Keyboard With A Built-In Computer Launched

In today’s day and age, every new dawn sees the launch of new products that make your life slightly easier. The Raspberry Pi 400 keyboard is compact and therefore is easily portable from one place to another. The sleek finish of the keyboard is extremely eye-catching and draws the attention of a large number of consumers towards it. All you need to do is add a screen to this keyboard, and you can perform all the functions that you would on a PC! You can connect it to a TV or a monitor by using any of its HDMI ports.

To ease functioning, you can also attach a mouse to the keyboard and a microSD card to store your work. Voila! You have yourself a device that is akin to a PC and capable of day to day functioning. You can also use it exclusively for coding! You can get the keyboard alone for a reasonable price, and in order to make things easier for the consumer, the device is available coupled with a mouse, microSD card, HDMI cable, beginner’s guide, as well as the power supply at a slightly higher price. The device is user friendly and the instructions to use it can be executed easily.

Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard Computer

Kids can learn simple activities like coding at an inexpensive price. You buy the product thinking that it is a PC and then develop a passion for coding that ends up taking you a long way ahead! Raspberry Pi is known for its small computers, which are easily affordable as well as portable, and help you to perform all the basic everyday tasks that your PC could, and more, the Pi 400 takes it ahead by bringing to you a portable keyboard which has in it the capacity of a computer.

You can plug it into a TV and work as you would on your PC! The simplicity behind the process is astonishing. The Raspberry Pi 400 comes with 4GB RAM, which allows you to perform basic activities and multitask seamlessly without seeing any screen lags or screen freezing. This is an ideal tool to give your child, especially considering that the pandemic has made online classes a new normal. The Raspberry Pi 400 can help to replace the smartphone with a cheaper, and more comfortable device.

Raspberry Pi 400 Features

The keyboard comes with Bluetooth version 5.1 and is equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy mode so that the usage of the keyboard with Bluetooth connectivity is not a drain on the battery. You can give the Raspberry Pi to your kids to just fiddle around with computers, and learn what they are for, they can also be used by senior citizens to check something as simple as their emails.

The wonder of the device is not in the fact that it has an inbuilt computer alone, rather it lies in the fact that the entire process is so seamless and fast that you do not feel that the mode of working has changed at all! Go for the Raspberry Pi if what you need is a cheap, easily affordable model which can give you all that a PC can, and much more!

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