Realme Watch 2 Launched: Price, Features, Specifications & More

Technology can be a boon and as well as a curse. It depends upon the master of the technology, the way a person utilizes it. Technology can burden off our working load, while it can also make us lethargic. Technological emancipation is in its prime. We belong to that era, where we used to talk through wired telephones to high-tech smartphones. from using the internet on a computer in a cybercafé or home PC to using ultra-fast internet on smartphones and IoT (internet of things). This generation is the sole witness of the makeover in technological devices, and it is still going on. In today’s fast-changing world, technology has made it both easier and more difficult to land the dream institute. There are hundreds of institutes and due to more enlightened communication technology, one can now make contact with their friend and relatives halfway across the world, from the comfort of their home. This Is the boon of technology.

But all this comfort is not without its drawbacks. Delays, lost signals, weirdly uncomfortable eye contact, and talking over one another are the rules and not the exceptions. All these contusions are counterparts of technological comfort. To eradicate these shortcomings of the technology, development in the technology is perpetually going on. Many big companies and tech giants are working day and night to provide sophisticated technological devices to individuals, these companies are sensing the need and requirements of people and manufacturing products according to that. When 4G services rolled out in India. A lot of changes had been observed. But this change also hampered the business of many other telecom companies, mostly those companies which were small and rely on 3G services and didn’t change with time.

Realme Watch 2 Launched

4G services bought a lot of tech companies and smartphone companies to India. India has been considered a hotspot for tech companies since the initiation of digitalization. Those companies which came to India with a constructive plan and innovative idea are now in a prominent position. Technology means adaption and perception to change with time. Any company which lacks these two features. It will cease to exist in the future.  Jio was the first company to come with 4G services in India. Now, these telecom companies are working on introducing 5G services in India. These telecom companies have tested their 5G services a few months back. On the other hand, smartphones are also introducing a number of 5 G-enabled devices at affordable prices. Realme is one of the tech company which has become a household brand in India.

This company has become one of the most influential smartphone brands in a very short time.  Realme is known for its high-end specification in its device and very sophisticated price range. In just 3-4 years this brand has captured a strong customer base in India as well in other Asian countries. Realme will surpass other prominent smartphone and tech companies of India in the next few years. Introducing 5G services in a country is a tough job. But eventually, it will soon be available in India too. Realme smartphone brand is not only manufacturing smartphones. Now it is primarily focused on manufacturing 5G smartphones. it is also working on Smart TV, earphones, headsets, smartwatch, etc. Realme is extending its arms in different tech fields. Last month the tech giant company has introduced earphones.

Realme Watch 2 Price

Realme devices are best performing and especially for those users who are looking for premium quality devices at the medium price range. Realme devices are getting a lot of attention these days. Users are now understanding the potential of this tech giant and moving towards it in search of quality products. Every week or in a month Realme introduces a new product in the market, it can be a smartphone, Bluetooth earphone, smartphone peripherals. Smartphones. today we will be going to talk about one such device which will be launched soon by Realme in India. Realme will be going to launch Realme watch 2 in India. The smartwatch will be launch in the first quarter of the next month. Although was set to launch earlier but owing to the ongoing pandemic. Realme has postponed the date of launch. Realme Smartwatch has been already launched in Malaysia on April 30. So, let’s talk about Realme watch 2 in detail.

A lot of images and videos have been leaked about Realme Watch 2. According to the image, it has been deduced that the watch is in square shape screen. Realme watch 2 will come with a 1.4-inch TFT colour touchscreen display. TFT is a type of display of a panel. It is a basic kind of display mostly used in small display devices.  Most smartwatches and tabs use TFT display in their devices. Realme watch 2 will have a maximum peak brightness of 600 nits. This means users will be able to see everything clearly on display even in bright day sunlight. There will be no issue in viewing anything while using Realme watch 2 even when in the bright light zone. Realme watch 2 will have a display resolution of 320×320 pixels. Realme watch 2 will come with customizable watch skins. That means users can change watch skin according to the available options.

Realme Watch 2 Specifications

Realme watch 2 will have a special feature in which a user can check their spo2 level. It can also measure heart rate simultaneously. Users can check their spo2 and heart rate 24*7 in this new smartwatch. It also offers more than 90 different modes. Some of these are basketball, boxing, dancing, golf, hiking, indoor cycling, outdoor running, table tennis, and yoga, etc. Realme has claimed that it can run up to 12 days on a single charge. This is pretty amazing for those who travel a lot. They won’t need to worry about the discharge of Realme watch 2. According to the inside sources, Realme watch 2 can work as a controller for several Realme AIoT devices, these are Realme Buds Air, Realme Buds Q, Bluetooth Speakers, light bulbs, and several other home appliances of Realme and other brands. Users won’t need to worry about the software version, because Realme assured that its smartwatch 2 will receive OTA updates from time to time.

Realme watch 2 is a first-generation smartwatch. It comes with many customizable features and options. Realme watch 2 is splash resistant, so the users can wear it while jogging or exercising. They won’t need to worry about the watch while doing sweaty works. Realme is offering a 315mAh battery in the Realme watch 2. The company claims that the watch can run up to 12 days continuously on a single full charge. We can’t assure if the statement of the company is true or false. It can only be assured after the first use of Realme watch 2. Realme smartwatch 2 will have a charging port, to charge the smartwatch. Realme is offering a magnetic charging adaptor with Realme watch 2. The user won’t need to insert the charging pin in the port of Realme watch 2, the charging will port automatically attract to the opposite pole and juice up the device.

Realme Watch 2 Feautres

As the company is claiming users can control several other IoT devices with their Realme watch 2. So, it will be convenient for the user to control their AC, Bluetooth speakers, Realme buds air. The company also claims that Realme watch 2 will have an IP68 rating. This means it can protect itself from dust and splashes of water. Users can use it while working out or doing yoga. While the watch must not be used while swimming or taking shower. Because IP68 rating offers resistance against water and dust up to a certain extent. The Realme watch heart rate tracker is equipped with an upgraded, professional-level” PPG sensor. That means it can track heart rate much precisely and it will also send alerts to the user if the heart rate goes faster. It can track heart rate all the time. With its oxygen level tracker, users will have a convenience in this pandemic to track their oxygen level from time to time.

With its sleep monitor sensor, the watch can track the sleeping pattern of a user. It is a useful feature to know what time a user sleeps deeply and according to that he/she can set a routine of sleeping to get proper sleep. The Realme watch 2 also hydration alert feature, by this feature, the smartwatch will alert its user to drink water from time to time. In the modern work culture, people usually forget to drink water and it causes serious health issues. The Realme watch 2 also comes with a Sedentary Reminder, Camera Control, and Mediation Assistant. These are some of the prominent features and functionality of the smartwatch. The Realme watch 2 comes with inbuilt Bluetooth. The version is Bluetooth v5. The Realme watch 2 is compatible with almost all android smartphones. it will support android version 5.0 and above and IOS 11 and above.

Realme Watch 2 Colors

Devices with OS earlier than android 5.0 and IOS 11 won’t support Realme watch 2. Realme watch 2 will cost around Rs. 4,100. The exact date of the launch is not known yet. As the situation of the pandemic is grim. It won’t be launch in India in the next month also. But we can expect as the situation get better, it will be available to buy in India and users would be able to grab it through Indian online shopping sites. The smartwatch by Realme is coming with some of the prominent features. The best feature of this smartwatch is its heartrate tracker and spo2 level tracker. Battery life is also amazing and there are a variety of different modes available in the Realme watch 2. The price of the new smartwatch is not quite a lot. So, it will be a good choice for the users who are looking for a device that can track spo2 and heart rate levels.

Rather than buying an oxygen level tacker machine, a user can get a complete smartwatch with a lot of different modes and features by adding some more bucks. We can undoubtedly say this watch will be worth buying.  This is all the information we have regarding The Realme Watch 2. if you want more updates and information about the new Realme Watch 2, then you must stay connected with our website. This is a piece of whole information available in the market about these smartphones now. All the further and latest details about The Realme Watch 2 will be updated as soon as we get any other information. For regular updates and more information, kindly stay connected with our site.

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