Reliance JioBook Affordable Laptop May Launch Soon: Details

    Reliance Jio is making a low-cost laptop which we find to be a pretty good initiative, not only in terms of giving a wider approach to their brand name but also in terms of widespread accessibility of affordable laptops. Jio has thought to launch both the Jio phone and JioBook together. But the plan was changed because of the covid 19. Jio Phone has been launched last month and now jio is on the verge of launching its new budget laptop in the market. Jio has built a brand value owing to its highly efficient services. The company entered the telecom industry by launching 4G services at unbelievably affordable prices. After that, the company launched the Jio Phone, and recently we got a view of its first 4G smartphone (Jio Phone 2).

    Jio’s new initiative, Jiobook has appeared on GeekBench and it has revealed some of the key details of the laptop. According to the information available on GeekBench, it has been got to know that the Jiobook will have a Mediatek MT8788 processor. It will also have 2GB RAM and it run on the Android 11 operating system. On the GeekBench, on single-core Jiobook has scored 1178 points while on multi-core, it has scored 4246 points. Nowadays, chipsets are made power efficient and render optimum performance. Primarily modern low power embedded would MediaTek MT8788 chipset deliver slightly better single-threaded performance than all of those ARM SoCs. While the new Mediatek chipset for budget notebooks is in the talk nowadays. These less expensive chipsets have the multi-core side and those ARM chips have the advantage due to their higher core count.

    Reliance JioBook Launch Soon

    Jiobook will have a power-efficient MediaTek MT8788 chipset. It is referred to as the cheapest High-end ARM processor in the market. High-end ARM chipsets (SoCs) have arguably better performing GPUs when it comes to raw compute performance but they are limited by their sub-10W TDP. Under load, they would throttle within 5 minutes and mechanisms like DVFS would kick in to keep thermals low, ARM cores in an SoC will almost never run at their full speeds. Qualcomm chipsets have a larger power envelope and can sustain their core clocks for longer periods of time while MediaTek MT8788 chipset offers peak performance even after long use, they also benefit from having an L3 cache and the x86–64 ISA which offers far more advanced features like SSE4. Their Intel GPU, while technically less powerful, supports the full DirectX 12, OpenGL, and Vulkan feature sets, unlike mobile GPUs.

    Although, this chipset has been primarily built for budget notebooks that will run on Android OS. From the previous leaks about the Jiobook, it has been getting to known that the budget laptop will have a display of 1366×768 pixels. It was also assumed that the Jiobook would come with the snapdragon 665 chipsets. Although, it was suspected that the Jiobook would be launched along with Jio phone 2. But the expected assumptions didn’t happen and the new specifications are pretty much different from the leaked data. The new information about the laptop is available on GeekBench, all the data available there are genuine and it can be trusted. From the official website of the GeekBench, It has been observed that the Jiobook is not launching any time sooner. But we have almost all the information regarding the specification of the laptop.

    Reliance JioBook Geekbench Score

    So let us get to know about the specification details of the upcoming Jiobook. After the launch of the Jio Phone 2, Jio is now planning to launch its new product for Indian consumers. The JioBook is the most awaited budget segment laptop and it has been in the talk for a long time. The hype of JioBook is real and this new laptop will pave a new way especially for those students who are facing problems attending their classes and don’t have much money to buy a conventional laptop. On the official website of GeekBench, several key details were available. The model number of the JioBook has been observed as NB1112MM on the GeekBench website. There is three model number of the JioBook has been spotted on GeekBench.

    These model numbers were earlier spotted on BIS listings and the model numbers are NB1112MM NB1118QMW, and NB1148QMW. These three model numbers of the JioBook infer that the laptop will be available in three variants. The design of the JioBook was noticed in march in a leak. The laptop is black in color and it has thick bezels around the display. At top of the bezel, there is a front-facing web camera to make video calls and several other uses. In the leak, it was also observed that there was a window key in the keywords. As of now, we know that the laptop will run on Android OS, so those leaked images are of pre-production and the new laptop will be pretty much different from the leaked images. Earlier reports claimed that the laptop will render windows OS and it will be powered by a QUALCOMM processor.

    Reliance JioBook Laptop

    But new data revealed that the laptop is having a MediaTek processor, we hope that Jio will also introduce a QUALCOMM-based laptop. From the information, it has been known that the JioBook comes in two variants according to storage and RAM. These variants are 2GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 32GB of eMMC 5.1 storage and 4GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 64GB of eMMC 5.1 storage. Other features of the JioBook are quite noticeable. The budget laptop will also come with a mini HDMI connector, it will have dual-band Wi-Fi along with Bluetooth connectivity. It has also been observed that the JioBook will also have a three-axis accelerometer and a Qualcomm audio chip. Apart from that, it will support the 4G network as usual. The laptop will have certain pre-installed apps like JioStore, JioMeet, and JioPages.

    The price of the JioBook hasn’t been revealed yet, so we will have to wait until further updates regarding the laptop. Although we know that the JioBook will come with Android OS. it will be hard for the coders and developers to sustain on this laptop. Most of the programming languages perform much better supported in Windows and Linux and thus, and android OS has much more limitations and it doesn’t support programming languages. JioBook will be less efficient in the working environment. Furthermore, JioBook will have limited storage, we hope that the users will have the option to increase the storage of the laptop via HDD. A 256GB HDD can be a good choice to get optimum performance and large storage. 256GB SDD is better than 1TB HDD because of speed and we can use HDD externally to expand storage but in the case of built-in HDD even if we use external SDD then computer software is not working as fast as inbuilt SDD.

    Reliance JioBook Details

    Most laptops have the option by which you can insert an HDD into them. Nowadays most computers/laptops support external hardware drives. Speed of processing the hard drive depends upon the RAM (Random Access Memory) of the computer but no computer can unsupported the external hard drive. The statement can be understood by the justification that every computer has USB slots and supports pen drives. Hard Drives can be considered similar to pen drives, just with the added features of larger memory and disk partitioning. Thus any computer supporting pen drives (all of them do) has to support the external hard drive too. So buyers of the JioBook will not have to worry about the low storage of the laptop. They can upgrade the storage and even enhance the performance of the laptop. JioBook will be a budget-efficient laptop and you can’t expect much from it.

    You can do most of the things on JioBook and It depends on your use, if you want a pc to browse the internet and do basic tasks like word processing a netbook would be okay. But, if you want to develop apps, play games, or use applications like photoshop you will need a laptop. So we suggest you go for a laptop with at least an intel I series processor and 8GB ram. A high-range laptop comes with a high price tag. It depends on your Income if you are belonging to a Middle-class family then under 25K to 30k is your best budget laptop, but if you are from a rich family then your budget can be up to 50k to 60k.

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