Revenge For Demolition of Kangana’s office, Priyanka Vadra’s Bungalow To Be Demolished in Himachal: Hints BJP Leader

The Himachal Pradesh government has sided with the Queen actress in Kangana Ranaut’s duel with Shiv Sena. State Chief Minister Jairam Thakur has strongly criticized the demolition of his office, calling her a Himachal girl. Meanwhile, Rashim Dhar, head of the state BJP Mahila Morcha, has indicated that they will demolish Priyanka Gandhi’s bungalow in Himachal if necessary.

Priyanka Vadra

In a video message, Rashim Dhar said that they will start a movement against Shiv Sena to demolish Kangana’s office. Congress daughter Priyanka Gandhi has made her home in Shimla, which will be demolished if needed.

Mahila Morcha activists have been protesting against the demolition of Kangana’s office since yesterday. However, Chief Minister Jairam Thakur does not agree with Rashim. He said he strongly condemned the way the Maharashtra government attacked Himachal’s daughter Kangana.

But she did not support what the women’s front chief said. Neither the state nor the BJP supports the demand to demolish Priyanka Gandhi’s house, it is the responsibility of the state government to provide security to her.

State Congress president Kuldeep Rathore has claimed that Priyanka’s five-room wooden cottage with sloping roof has complied with the law. Priyanka recently built the bungalow in a dense pine forest in the Charabra area, 8,000 feet above the Shimla hills.

Priyanka and sonia

Before Corona, she, her two children and mother Sonia Gandhi used to visit regularly to build bungalows. Priyanka bought the around one acre of bungalow land and farmland in 2007 at a cost of Rs 47 lakh. The then Congress government helped him buy the land with some legal concessions.

It is pertinent to note that, According to Himachal law, no one from outside can buy land here. If anyone is interested in buying land for any reason other than cultivation, he has to get clearance from the government.

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