Roger Federer Injury: Federer Withdrew His Name From the French Open

    As indicated earlier, tennis legend Roger Federer finally made the decision. Despite advancing to the fourth round of the French Open, he withdrew from the competition. Federer tweeted that he made the decision because of a knee injury.

    Roger Federer

    In a tweet, Federer wrote, “It’s important to listen to my body after two knee surgeries and more than a year of rehabilitation. I should not rush to recover. I am thrilled to have won three matches at the French Open this year. There is nothing more beautiful than returning to court. See you soon. ‘

    Federer has won 20 Grand Slams so far. Spanish tennis legend Rafael Nadal has also won the Grand Slam 20 times. Nadal has had the most success in the French Open. Here again Federer’s worst performance. The Swiss star has only won the French Open once. With a move away from the French Open this time around, Nadal has a golden opportunity to become a record 21-time Grand Slam champion.

    Federer defeated Dominic Koefer of Germany in the third round of the French Open this year. He fought great in that match. Federer was scheduled to face Italy’s Matteo Beretini in the fourth round on Monday. But he left before that.

    Federer became the 2009 French Open champion. He underwent knee surgery twice last year. He played just three matches in the last 16 months before the French Open. The star had earlier said that he was giving more importance to Wimbledon. This year’s Wimbledon is starting from June 28. Federer wants to make sure he doesn’t get injured again. That’s why he withdrew from the French Open.

    Federer will turn 40 in August this year. He has not played much at the French Open in the last few years. He has not been to Rola Garo three times in a row since 2016. He played in 2019 and reached the semi-finals. Doubts have been raised about whether he will be seen in Rola Garo any more in the future.

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