RRR Music Rights Acquired By T-Series and Lahari Music: More Updates

Bollywood is the most overrated film industry in India and most of the celebrities and creators there were also overrated. Whose work is somehow accepted by most of the North audience and thus somewhere they (actors and makers) diluted the initial creative and aspiring cinematic touch of them and for that reason, most of the audience there will enjoy the south cinemas. Secondly, South Movies and Movie Makers were a bit behind in marketing strategies which are the main reason for appearing low-key. However, the internet generation is nowhere to break the stereotype and films like Baahubali, KGF, Saaho, Sye Raa, Arjun Reddy and undoubtedly upcoming RRR cleared the air stating that ‘South Cinema’ is now Popular than ever. The upcoming movie RRR starring Jr. NTR and Ram Charan will be going to be a blockbuster and super hit.

This story of the movie is amazing and outstanding, mind-boggling. The director of the movie is known for creating mystery and suspense at the end. That is the reason why the audience remains excited for the movies of Rajamouli. It was rumored that SS Rajamouli would next make the small-budget movie. But, no. The producer usually believes huge and takes a huge plan to understand his desire. In the press meet of RRR, Dhanaya, creator of RRR, revealed that this movie has been working on a plan of whooping a Rs 400 crore budget. Ever since RRR was announced lovers were questioning what Rajamouli cooking up to thrill the audience. Yet, for somebody who was able to make a mystery like “Why Kattapa killed Baahubali?’ for almost two years, holding on to the information of his future film was the only cakewalk.

RRR Music Rights

However, Rajamouli seems to have sensed the need for uncovering the essential knowledge and the summary of the movie. Eventually, Baahubali: This decision was made on a plan of Rs 250 crore for the next project of Rajamouli, according to studies. This movie RRR went on to sweep in more than Rs 4000 crore in the budget. The upcoming mega movie has been in the hype since its announcement. RRR is the next project on which prominent director Rajamouli is working. The upcoming movie has many prominent actors in which Ram Charan and Jr NTR is in the leading role. The latest update of the movie has been updated and it get to know that the music rights of the movie have been obtained by T-series and Lahari music. It has been reported that the movie RRR will be released in five different languages.

Apart from that five singers have been signed for the movie. For several years, the southern film industry was seen as a stepping stone to a bigger and much more colorful Bollywood. But in recent years the winds have changed. Comali, Aadai, Jersey, Vikram Vedha, dear comrade has the gap between north and south finally narrowed? Chi La Sow, award-winning writer Rahul Ravindran of the film Telugu, says: “There has been an exchange of content since the 1950s. RRR is a Tollywood movie, which will be directed by ace director SS Rajamouli ( Director of the magnum opus Baahubali 1&2 ). It is a mustard movie starring Ramcharan ( son of megastar Chiranjeevi sir ) and Jr NTR ( grandson of great NTR ). Regular shooting of the movie was commenced in October of 2018. The film project is going at a rapid pace and the movie RRR will release on October 13.

RRR Music Rights Acquired By T-Series and Lahari Music

The music rights of the movie project are acquainted by T-series and Lahari and both the music companies haven’t disclosed the amount they pay to acquire music rights of the RRR. The movie RRR is one of the biggest budget movies. It has been estimated that the budget of the movie crosses 300 crores. According to the inside sources of the industry, it has been observed that T-series and Lahari music has paid an amount of Rs 25 crore to acquire the right of the movie RRR. T-series and Lahari music has acquired the right of the music in all the five different languages in which RRR will release. The movie RRR by Rajamouli will release in in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, and Kannada. The music director of the movie RRR, MM Keeravaani will give the renaissance of music in this epic movie.

The movie features prominent actors such as NTR Jr, Ram Charan, Ajay Devgn, and Alia Bhatt, Olivia Morris, and Shriya Saran. The movie has already created a huge hype among the fans and viewers and it is believed that it will break all the previous records of the highest-grossing movie.  As per the reports, the final shoot of the movie ends on July 24. Actress of the movie Alia Bhatt has posted a picture in which she has mentioned that the final shoot of the movie RRR has been done and now the movie is in its final round of completion. The music acquisition of the movie RRR was finalized on 26 July and if everything goes fine the movie will release in theatres on October 13. Some prominent actors are also starring in the movie RRR and Ajay Devgan is one of them. Ajay Devgan has been in the filmdom for the past 26 yrs. and has proved himself as an actor with varied roles and performances and also 2 national awards.

RRR Music Composers and Singer

He has also proved himself as an antagonist (remember his role in khaki, what a villain he was). We are sure that he can live in any kind of role given to him. Rama Rao popularly known as Jr NTR comes from the most popular family in Telugu film Industry and, grandson of the Greatest legend Sr NTR. He is famous among the South audience and many parts of North India. Ram Charan, son of the most popular Telugu actor. He too comes from big family background and has a great fan following in the south and parts of North India. He is in red hot form after the recent success of Rangasthalam. Both the actors belong to the rival fans in Tollywood and can-do magic at the box office. In addition to this, the movie is based on patriotism, a tale of two freedom fighters. In addition to the above stars, Ajay Devgan and Alia Bhat are also part of the movie.

Although the role and of Alia Bhatt is still not known yet. The movie is based on the prominent freedom fighters of India Alluri Sitaram Raju and Komaram. The story revolves around the year 1920 when the country was suppressed on the aristocratic rule of the British empire. The movie is referred to as Raama Roudra Rushitam in Telugu and a short RRR. In English, it is referred to as ‘Rise Revolt Revenge’. After giving a multi-million dollar multi Blockbuster movie like the Bahubali series, it wasn’t a dead-end for a creative person like Rajamouli in terms of creativities. It’s really difficult for such a technician to come up with something more innovative than his previous project to meet the expectations. But Rajamouli is known for taking the risk on the edge.

RRR Music Rights Acquired By T-Series Lahari Music

After the phenomenal success of the Baahubali series, the new project of Rajamouli has already garnered a lot of attention. It has been speculated that the movie will do much bigger business than the Baahubali series combined. The director of the movie is already a known name owing to its epis and blockbuster movies. All the movies directed by Rajamouli have performed outstanding after release. The Baahubali series is still one of the highest-grossing of India till now.

A Glimpse Of The Upcoming Movie Without Spoilers

There are fierce fight sequences being shot on Ram Charan and NTR and it is going to be the highlight of the movie. As per the writer, Sri Vijayendra Prasad (Rajamouli’s dad) audience going to weep and emotionally cry out watching this sequence as they may not digest seeing two good warriors fight and confuse whom to support like a mother watching her sons fight each other when both are fighting for a good cause, who will she support? Let us see how it comes out on the big screen.   Rajamouli has proved to be one of the best directors in the country at present and has not seen a failure so far in his close to 2 decades career. As the captain of the ship, he ensures to extract the best from all the quarters, be it the actors/actresses, VFX, technicians, etc.

RRR Movie Music Rights

Rajamouli is presently the most decorated director in the country. The highest collected movie Bahubali was his recent movie. We all know how famous the movie became, making it the most famous movie in the country.   It all comes down to the script. If the storyline is better than Baahubali then we know that this will gross Baahubali as the best Rajamouli movie. We don’t need to talk about the screenplay as it’s a Rajamouli movie. The passion for creating a new world and equally sticking to Indian characters and with great emotions and drama. Just kudos to the visionary director ss Rajamouli. You can see some exceptional acting by JR NTR and Ram Charan in their movies. The music of the movie RRR will be melodious because the music director of the Movie RRR is famous for creating magic by his music.

Apart from that, two prominent music companies have been assigned for the movie. We hope that the movie RRR will do justice with its huge budget and it will meet the exceptions of the viewers and break all the previous records of the Indian cinema.

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