Russia-Ukraine War Day2: Russian Troops Enter Kyiv, the Capital of Ukraine

    Russia ignores UN warnings, declares war on Ukraine Russian troops enter Ukraine through Crimea in Eastern Europe. Soon after, explosions were heard in several cities, including the capital Kiev and Kharkiv. Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on the Ukrainian army to surrender.

    He also warned that if any foreign power sniffs at Ukraine, it will suffer the consequences. Russia has already closed airspace on the Ukrainian border in preparation for war. Ukraine has also closed three of its airports. A state of emergency has been declared across the country.

    Russia-Ukraine War

    The G-7 countries are sitting in a virtual meeting today

    Moscow has already vacated the Ukrainian embassy. Ukraine has also advised its citizens to leave Russia. In this situation, the G-7 countries are sitting in a virtual meeting today. The meeting will focus on the current situation in Ukraine, the White House said.

    United States has reacted strongly to Russia’s aggression

    United States has strongly condemned Russia’s aggression. Without provocation, Joe Biden said Russia had invaded Ukraine without reason. The US President has expressed fears that this will increase the number of casualties and human suffering.

    Ballistic and cruise missile strikes in Kyiv, Ukraine claims

    Ukrainian officials say Russian ballistic and cruise missiles have been fired at several locations in Kiev. Ukraine’s foreign minister says peaceful Ukrainian cities are being attacked. Ukraine will defend itself and win.

    • Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas, has said in a statement that Russia would not allow Russia to enter the Security Council. He says the Security Council needs to take action. A proposal in this regard will be raised tomorrow.
    • Ukrainian military says it has destroyed five Russian warplanes and a helicopter in the Luhansk region.
    • Belarus has also attacked Ukraine since the Russian invasion. Kherson Airport was also attacked. Flames were seen there.
    • After the Russian attack, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that England and its allies would respond appropriately to the attack.
    • Russian troops on the doorstep of Kiev. The President met with the forces to boost the morale of the Ukrainian army. There is no question of surrender, shouted Kyiv. Russia seizes Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear plant Their focus is now on Kiev. They can reach Kyiv at any moment.
    • US President Joe Biden says the next few days, weeks, months will be difficult for the people of Ukraine. Putin has made them suffer a lot. But 30 years have passed since the independence of the people of Ukraine. They have shown that those who try to take their lives from behind will not be tolerated in any way.
    • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zolonskyy has expressed frustration with the attitude of many countries around the world towards Russian aggression. “We have been left alone to fight Russia,” he said.
    • Russia is facing an attack on Ukraine. Russian forces are reportedly advancing on the capital, Kiev. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s president has said he will not leave Kyiv.
    • The war between Russia and Ukraine is going on in Ukraine. Ukraine, meanwhile, claims to have killed more than 800 Russian soldiers in the war. In addition, seven Russian planes and six helicopters were shot down.
    • Russia is launching a surprise attack on Kiev. Three more loud explosions were heard in the Ukrainian capital. The blast was heard southwest of the city. The blasts took place at 6.30 am.
    • On the second day of the war, the Russian army moved closer to the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. Violent clashes are going on in different places. Russia’s air strikes are also going on.
    • On the second day of the war, Russian troops entered the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. It is reported that Russian troops entered Kiev from Belarus. Violent clashes are going on in different places. Russia’s air strikes are also going on. Ukrainian plane crashes in Kiev The Ukrainian government has acknowledged that 138 people, including its soldiers, have been killed in the fighting so far. 360 people were injured.

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