Russia-Ukraine War Day3: Kyiv Residential Tower Hit by Missile as Fighting Rages

    India and China abstained from voting against Russia in the UN Security Council. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) also abstained from voting. It strongly condemned the Russian aggression. Today is the third day of the war between Russia and Ukraine. Five large explosions were heard in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

    russia-ukraine war

    The Ukrainian military claims to have shot down a Russian military transport plane carrying paratroopers near the town of Basil kyiv, 40 kilometers south of the capital Kyiv.

    Fighting continues between Russia and Ukraine. Panicked residents in Ukraine have gathered at the border to go to Poland after the Russian invasion. It is learned that a line about one kilometer long has been seen at the border. And the line of vehicles has been about 15-20 kilometers.

    Many Indians are stranded in Ukraine due to Russian aggression. Air India special flights to Romania and Hungary to return them. Ukraine’s airspace has been closed since the Russian invasion. As a result, direct flights from India cannot go to Ukraine. That is why the process of repatriation of Indians stranded in Ukraine has started through Romania, Hungary and Poland.

    The war between Russia and Ukraine is taking a new turn at every moment. Russia has stepped up its attacks after the situation calmed down yesterday evening. A photo of the Ukrainian city of Odessa shows a strong attack. There have been several loud explosions in that city. Russia, on the one hand, is betting on Ukraine, and on the other, is launching strong attacks.

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was offered to leave Kyiv by the US government. But Zelensky returned that offer. “There is a war going on here,” he said. Not a journey to a destination, I need weapons. A senior U.S. intelligence official said.

    Clashes have broken out on the streets with Russian troops. Kyiv officials have warned residents in this situation. According to the news agency, Kyiv officials have advised residents to stay in safe shelters. It is also advisable not to approach windows or balconies to avoid shelling.

    Bulgaria’s biggest move against Russia in the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia. They closed their airspace to Russian aircraft. Big explosion near Kyiv airport. The blast damaged several houses.

    In the war against Russia, 28 countries sided with Ukraine. Many European countries, including America and Britain, are ready to help Ukraine. More weapons are being sent to Ukraine to fight Russia. Military equipment and medicine are being sent. “Our allies have started sending weapons to Ukraine,” said the French president.

    Russia was devastated on the third day of the invasion of Ukraine. Multiple missile strikes in the capital, Kiev. Virtual ruins throughout the city. In the meantime, Russia has a record of destruction in Ukraine. Russian troops attack 821 military bases.

    Anti-aircraft missile system from damaged air force bases. 7 warplanes, 7 helicopters, 87 tanks and armored vehicles were destroyed. Russia’s Defense Ministry claims that 28 multiple rocket launchers and 118 Ukrainian military vehicles were destroyed.

    Hundreds of Russian troops and armored vehicles were destroyed in Kharkiv. Counter-Ukrainian claims.

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