Russian Covid Vaccine Sputnik V Will Be Tested on 100 Indian Volunteers

    Moscow: No matter how much the international community questions the effectiveness of Russia’s controversial Corona vaccine Sputnik V, this time the vaccine will be tested in India.

    sputnik v

    The DGCI said the vaccine would be administered experimentally to 100 Indian volunteers. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories has been given permission in this regard.

    Dr. Reddy’s will decide when this test will take place. It is known that they will start testing the second phase of this vaccine, if successful, the third phase may start.

    In the second phase, 100 volunteers will join, in the third phase, the test may be on 1400 people. The third test will be allowed only if the security of the second test is confirmed.

    After thorough examination of the test report, the expert committee will take a decision on the third phase of the test.

    On October 13, Dr. Reddy’s applied to the DGCI for a second and third round of the Russian Corona Ticker test. Earlier on the 5th October they had applied in this regard.

    But after examining the application form, the Subject Expert Committee said that they have to apply again with more information.

    Dr. Reddy’s will experiment with Sputnik V in conjunction with the Russian Direct Investment Fund, or RDIF. According to RDIF, they will send 100 million doses of Sputnik to Dr. Reddy’s.

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